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I Regret to Inform You

Growing up, every little girl has at least one baby doll she can love and nurture. Besides being just another toy, the baby doll is often the beginning of her training for motherhood. As adults, millions of women give birth and thousands and thousands more desperately try to. But many, many women never conceive and many never even try. They are told, again and again, that being childless (or, more starkly, “barren”) will burden them with regrets forever.

I’m still waiting for those regrets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chaos Theory

Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology makes the claim that order is masculine and chaos is feminine. I invite him to look at my husband’s workbench. Read the rest of this entry »

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Have you heard about the movement made up of guys who apparently can’t get a date and certainly can’t get a woman to sleep with them [I’m not using the term they use because I don’t want to become a target myself.]? Some call it “aggrieved entitlement.” They believe they are victims of a grand feminist conspiracy that isn’t just terribly unfair, but practically illegal. In our day, we had another name for them. Losers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dream Lover

Picture this: I’m somewhere, in a situation with a really sexy guy and I am so turned on that I know what’s coming. But then… The guilt clicks in. Oh did I mention? This is a dream.  Yes, a dream. So, tell me. Why is it that I can’t enjoy a good, honest to God sexy dream without feeling guilty?

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Spank You for Nothing

Back in prehistoric times (and by that I mean the 60s), wearing stockings meant one of two things: you either were slutty and wore a garter belt, or you were a “lady” and wore a girdle. There was no other choice. And, if you were in high school, it was definitely the girdle.

Yes. Fourteen year old girls were wearing girdles daily. Because heaven forbid we should be comfortable. And because we all knew girls who wore garter belts were easy. Or at least that’s what our mothers told us.

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