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Spank You for Nothing

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Back in prehistoric times (and by that I mean the 60s), wearing stockings meant one of two things: you either were slutty and wore a garter belt, or you were a “lady” and wore a girdle. There was no other choice. And, if you were in high school, it was definitely the girdle.

Yes. Fourteen year old girls were wearing girdles daily. Because heaven forbid we should be comfortable. And because we all knew girls who wore garter belts were easy. Or at least that’s what our mothers told us.


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Independence Day

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Independence. When you’re on your own, making your own decisions and living with them. That’s what it used to mean. But now in the world of helicopter parenting, it has a whole ‘nother meaning. In other words, independence means having your own room that Mom and Dad aren’t allowed to go in while they support you, fill out your college applications and make sure nothing bad happens to you.

Real independent, huh?


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No Experience Needed

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here’s the scenario: a couple meets, dates, gets married, has babies (more or less in that order). The babies need to be fed, changed, put to bed, bathed (probably not in that order). In most cases – not all, but most – the woman ends up with the majority of these jobs. Sure, some are “stay-at-home” moms, but most aren’t. Who can afford the luxury of one income?

So, here’s the deal: she works, he works, she does the baby stuff (and probably most of the housework, grocery shopping laundry. . . but that’s another post). And every once in a while, he takes over: mommy gets a night out. And how does she describe this situation? My husband is babysitting tonight. Are you kidding? Babysitting? (more…)

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Feelin’ Groovy and Talkin’ Teen

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I’ve written about those of us who dress like 20 year olds, thinking it makes us look younger. It doesn’t. Now I want to talk about something more subtle: language.

Remember when “groovy” was. . . groovy? Back in the late 60’s, we said things like “bummed out” and “cool” and we would “freak out” if our parents tried to co-opt our slang. Not only did it make us crazy, it made them sound pathetic.

So, when we hear newscasters talking about “bling” (more…)

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