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Feelin’ Groovy and Talkin’ Teen

I’ve written about those of us who dress like 20 year olds, thinking it makes us look younger. It doesn’t. Now I want to talk about something more subtle: language.

Remember when “groovy” was. . . groovy? Back in the late 60’s, we said things like “bummed out” and “cool” and we would “freak out” if our parents tried to co-opt our slang. Not only did it make us crazy, it made them sound pathetic.

So, when we hear newscasters talking about “bling” and “chillaxing” and being “in da house”, we know there are millions of people wincing. Sometimes, even we do. Which brings me to my point: stop trying to sound like you’re 15. Please. Now, I know we are all guilty of inserting current (or not so current) slang into everyday conversation (Sweet!) and there is some we have to use or risk being totally marginalized (you don’t “post on twitter,” you “tweet”). But, folks, do you really think you’re “cool” when you say redonkulous?

When you have the urge to talk teen, please, think twice. It’s just not groovy, dude.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I have been forbidden certain words by my (young adult) children. And they are right. But not about the word cool. I can still say that.

  2. Pat says:

    every generation has their own slang, their own language that defines them. Nowadays, with the internet, it seems everything is broken down to a few letters…LOL! In the 60’s you couldn’t trust anyone over 30, and if grownups got upset we would say, take a chill pill – which they did in the 50’s (remember Valium)!

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