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(Male) Members Only

You and I aren’t members of this club. And we never can  be. And that’s a shame, because that’s where so much of the networking and gladhanding and atta boys happen. Yeah, I don’t have penis envy, but I DO have Penis Club envy.

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Just a Gigilo

Watching TV late one night, just flicking through channels, I happened upon a show that I thought would be kinda funny: Gigilos. And it is. But it got me thinking: how many women actually  . . . ah. . . . HIRE them?

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Downhill Racer

When you’re a kid, you always think “when I grow up, I’ll. . .” . . . fill in the blank. Once you’re older and working, then you start thinking, ” someday I want to. . .” Or later still “when I retire, I’ll. . .”.  I started thinking the other day about how much longer I’ll be around. Yeah, a little morbid, but at 62 (yes! 62!) mortality is starting to look you in the eye. At most I can count on  another 40 years – Grandma Lo Sapio lived to 103 – but realistically, I figure I’ve got maybe 20 good years before I’m too frail to do all those things I’ve been waiting to do, and another 10 to just hang around. So, what am I waiting for?

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The Help (less)

If you’ve seen the movie The Help, you know just how hardworking and able those women were. . . of course, I mean the domestics. The women they worked for, however, seemed rather helpless. Which brings me to today’s subject: helpless women. Pathetic, helpless women. Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome to Fantasy Island!

Don’t we all have fantasies? Hell yes. But once our fantasies start to morph into unrealistic expectations, then we are in deep doodoo. Read the rest of this entry »

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