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Have you heard about the movement made up of guys who apparently can’t get a date and certainly can’t get a woman to sleep with them [I’m not using the term they use because I don’t want to become a target myself.]? Some call it “aggrieved entitlement.” They believe they are victims of a grand feminist conspiracy that isn’t just terribly unfair, but practically illegal. In our day, we had another name for them. Losers.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that most of my readers don’t feel that every man has a god-given right to sex. Without having to pay for it, that is. After all, if that was the case, why would so many of them need Corvettes or hairpieces? However, this group of, shall I say, misfits thinks that all we women owe them sex. Yes. We’re giving it out willy-nilly and they are mad. Because they’re not getting any. And it’s all our fault.

It’s not because they lack social skills. Or that they’re misogynistic. Or have really bad body odor. It’s because. . . well, we’re bitches. Now, you might ask, why the hell do they think sex is owed to them? I’ll tell you why: the internet. Before, guys who couldn’t get dates simply sat at home on Saturday nights, doing nerdy things like using their short wave radios or building model planes. And feeling lonely. (As though no woman has ever spent a Saturday night with a tub of ice cream . . . ).

But now, instead of keeping their loneliness to themselves, they’ve figured out that if they go on social media and complain other, shall I say, “disenfranchised” guys see their rants and will commiserate with them. And they’ve convinced each other that it’s our fault.

You can bet they really hate the #MeToo movement. After all, we deserve all that sexual assault. Duh. We should have just slept with them.

I think it’s funny (not in a ha ha way) that these guys complain about their victim-hood. . .as they rape, beat and kill women.

Yes; I did say kill. Although you might think from the media coverage that your biggest threat is a Muslim terrorist, in fact you’re more likely to be run down by one of these guys. . . like all those women in Toronto were.

That’s it. No funny joke. No wisecrack. Just a little fear.

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  1. Judy Herring says:

    Oh..what a web us females weave…The men who think they deserve sex from a female are usually insecure, arrogant, self centered assholes. That’s why they are not in a healthy relationship. Sex is not something anyone has the “right” to have or get. A healthy sexual relationship is part of a healthy relationship. Can you have a healthy relationship without sex? Yes. Us bitches have enough security within ourselves that we can tell these sex seeking savages – Get the f*#k away from me!!! Social media has definitely opened up a huge can of worms for many people. As you wrote, Lucille, their rants just make the mountain bigger. C’mon girls – who really wants to have sex with dickheads????

  2. Reggie says:

    The MGTOW and “pick up artist” community has a lot of problems for sure. Unfortunately, ridicule is not helpful and probably quite harmful for everyone. Chances are the vast majority of individuals in this community have some serious “mommy issues”, probably because they had emotionally abusive or neglectful mothers. So I’m not sure women should collectively feel so superior to these emotionally disturbed males.

    The MGTOW community needs compassion. Their flawed ideas need to be debated out in the open. By ridiculing them and driving them deeper into their echo chambers where their ideas remain unchallenged, it does nothing but create more resentment, more anger and more problems. It actually only serves to grow the community in the end.

    • Of course! It’s their mom’s fault. . . because no one has an emotionally abusive or neglectful father. . .

      • Reggie says:

        Of course. But when a boy has issues with women, as most MGTOW do, it most likely goes back to the mother. This of course isn’t saying that 100% of them have mommy issues. But google “mgtow mommy issues” if you want to go down the rabbit hole.

  3. Cynthia Lee Henthorn says:

    It’s about needing to feel that last pinnacle of supremacy — whenever a certain class and race of men feel thwarted by progress, they lash out at the easiest target. Who is the most different and mysterious in a dangerous way? Who is easiest to blame? Reach for the symbols and icons that can be twisted to support a given voice and perspective. There is a battle over voice and the symbolism accompanying it. I think the discourse about the Confederate statues and the white suprematist movement in this regard provides a way to explore similar issues of power as they pertain to gender because this debate is not a separate issue. I am an art historian and someone whose family fought in the Civil War on both sides, just to clarify.

  4. David Alexander says:

    Not sure where Reggie is going with his posts, but we live in a world where people can find someone who supports their worldview, no matter how warped it might be. Blame it on technology. Although many men’s issues with women start with their mother, the overwhelming majority get over it! Emotionally stunted men who believe harming women will make things better, or will somehow punish their mothers, are beyond the help of most women, no matter how sympathetic they may be.

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