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Don’t Get Hysterical

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Don’t deny it; you know you do it. You may pretend you don’t, but let’s be honest; you schedule that “special time” with yourself. I don’t care what you call it and I don’t care how you do it. Maybe you don’t have a vibrator at the side of your bed. Maybe you just (more…)

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Sex, Drugs and R*** or How to Enjoy a Business Meeting

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

I want to talk about sex, and one very important part of sex – especially for women – is fantasies. And, yes, rape (or simply being overpowered by a man) is a common fantasy. Accept it. Here’s what I’ve learned: real rape – something none of us want – is about a man exerting power. Fantasy rape, on the other hand, is about being so desirable that your fantasy man has to have you, no matter what. And you, as the victim, can’t be held responsible. Or it might actually be your way of being in control – after all, it’s your fantasy. It’s not only perfectly normal to have this fantasy; it’s one lots of women have. So, don’t feel guilty or disturbed or dirty if you have rape fantasies. Okay – you can feel dirty. That’s the idea of a fantasy anyway.  (more…)

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