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Stuck in the Middle

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

As I was shaking the snow from my bushes, for some reason I started thinking about the whole mid-life crisis issue. Not that it had anything to do with my task, but you know how your mind starts to wander. Well, after this huge snow storm I had a ton of snow to shake off and lots of time to think. And, I’m happy to report,  I came to several pithy conclusions. (more…)

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You Hated Me? Thanks!

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Men will never understand this. One woman tells another that, upon first meeting, she “hated” her. And   the second woman smiles and says, “Really? Thanks!” Yes, men, this does happen. Every day. It’s as common as women complimenting each other’s shoes and hair. And it’s a sign of affection.

Because when we say, “I hated you,” that means we were jealous. And the reason we were jealous is because  we thought they were really attractive. Or skinny. Or shapely. Or. . . you get the gist. Which brings me to the meat of my post: who do we dress for?  Heterosexual women want to be attractive to men (I’d like to invite a lesbian sister to join me on this blog for their point of view, so pass this on). We want men to admire us, to desire us, to inspire us. But I believe that most women really dress to impress women.


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