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Men are Dirtbags

Alright. Not all men are dirtbags. Not Gary. Not my father. And not my brothers. . . I think. 🙂 . But, to many men, this term is a badge of honor. They even celebrate their dirtbagginess by naming their teams Dirtbags and reveling in it. But the kind of dirtbags I’m talking about aren’t to be celebrated.  When you hear about UN peacekeepers sexually abusing kids in Central Africa, those dirtbags are guys. You won’t find a lot of women guilty of this.  When you hear about all the sexual abuse that’s happened in the Catholic church, that was done by  priests. Now, I’m not saying that women don’t also sexually abuse kids sometimes. And they certainly are guilty of simple abuse. But overwhelmingly, when we hear about children – even babies – being sexually attacked or being made sex slaves, that is predominantly by and for the male of the species. How sick do you have to be to get pleasure from taking a small child – even a baby – and performing sex acts on them, or expecting them to perform them on you? What the hell is wrong with the male species? This isn’t a new phenomenon; it’s been going on for as long as history has been recorded and, no doubt, long before then as well. You just have to ask yourself: what genetic mistake was made to allow these kind of people to exist?

Who commits the most crimes? Men. Who makes up the vast majority of serial killers? Men. Men are, by a huge margin, the ones responsible for violent, sexual and other serious crimes. At what cost? A HUGE cost, a staggering cost, both in dollars and in emotional toll.  So, why isn’t this an urgent policy issue?

Because they run things. By and large, they own the money, they own the power, they own us. And we let them.

Now, please, don’t take this to mean I hate men. I love men. . . some of them. Most of them. But I cannot wrap my head around the pain and destruction that men do. And it isn’t just in the U.S. You probably didn’t know that of a million people in England and Wales found guilty in the 12 months ending June 2012, 85% were men. 85%! The more violent the crime, the more men predominate. And I’m not even talking about war, although they’re the ones who start the wars and benefit from them. I hear about child soldiers – watch the movie “Beasts of No Nation” and reflect on what they do to those poor boys – and I wonder: have women ever done anything like this?

Oh, sure, we hear the stories about nuns abusing young girls, beating them, treating them as less than human. But those stories are the outliers, the exceptions, the mutations. Do some mothers kill their babies? Sure, but even with postpartum depression, most don’t.

With all this talk, in the hope of more safety,  about keeping out Mexicans who are “murderers and rapists” and not allowing any Muslims to enter this country, why aren’t we talking about just keeping out all of the men? If we’re going to pick any one group that is most responsible for crime and violence, isn’t it men?

Okay.  I’m not really serious.

Or am I?

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  1. Reggie says:

    Luckily, as society gets more sophisticated, this abhorrent behavior tends to decrease. Nature, however, has selected for this sort of behavior historically. It’s simply natural selection at work. Compassion is not a factor. Only survival. Rape, as horrid as it is, is an effective procreation strategy. And thus the behavior continues.

    Now, where I feel qualified to talk about natural selection, I can’t really speak authoritatively about the psyche of those that would rape children. I suspect it has something to do with being a truly awful person. When the horrible things you’ve done leave you numb to everything, you look for anything to make you feel something. For some, that might include raping a baby.

    Baby rape may also be some form of terror. A barbarian might rape a baby to strike fear into the populace for which he is trying to conquer.

    What’s clear is that the vast, vast majority of males do not rape babies and consider the act absolutely abhorrent.

  2. Jose Hernandez says:

    In many respects I do whole heartily agree with you Lucille. You brought to light a subject that I have pondered for years. My favorite subject is history, many are the documentaries I have watched about war. Even back since our high school days to this day I do not understand why men are so cruel to their fellow men. Especially the innocent children. And I do mean MEN. I was watching a documentary on the siege of Lenningrad. It brings tears to my eyes seeing all the small bodies wrapped in cloth stacked like cord wood.
    When I hear of children starving all over the world I ask my self how can we let this happen.
    I could go on for pages and pages but don’t want to bore you. With this statement I also covered the cruelty to women as well.
    It is just to much to comprehend.
    If I ever get a chance to meet our maker this will be the first question I will ask him or her.
    In conclusion, I would like to say men should be strong, but the strength to nurture the young the strength to stand next to his partner as complete equals and take on the challenges of life. The courage and strength to do what is right. This I feel is a real man.
    PS. In answer to your “i’m not really serious”
    Yes you are and you have said it so well.


  3. Don V says:

    I completely agree with what you have posted. Although Dr. Freud
    was wrong in the way he treated women, and also about everything being
    sexual (although not that far off the mark) he was right in uncovering
    the fact that we are a lot of of the time being led around by our
    unconscious, which is to say:animal selves. Women ARE care givers, men
    ARE hunters. Thank what ever gods there be for restraints like
    religion and the law. And they want everybody to carry! Had that been
    allowed In the neighborhood I grew up in there probably would have
    been death by gunshot every other minute

  4. L L says:

    Margaret Atwood has said something similar.
    What’s more atrocious is the women who help their men do these things out of “love,” as in some highly publicized abduction cases. But, like you said, they are in the minority.
    Real men protect those weaker than themselves.

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