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A Slave to Fashion

Ever heard the term “a slave to fashion”? I assert that it doesn’t mean the same thing to all people. . .which isn’t hard to believe if you look around and see what people are wearing.

I guess that if being a slave to fashion means that you buy into whatever the latest fashion is, then you’re there. But does it, really? If you read People magazine, fashion is defined one way . . . the way the people who are being watched by the people watchers dress. So, a 300 pound woman who wears the same thing as Beyonce¬† could be called a slave to fashion. . . but probably wouldn’t be.

What about guys that wear their pants halfway down their thighs? Hey, it’s a fashion trend! Not a pretty one, but one nonetheless. So, yes, they too are slaves to fashion. Perhaps you read Vogue and, to you, fashion comes from the runway. Or you’re 14 and your older sister is the fashion standard you follow (yes; I did get “cat eye” glasses because my older sister wore them. . . ).

Are you, too, a slave to fashion? I say yes. You are if you stopped wearing scrunchies. Or wear your part all crooked. Or you wear round toes flats. Or you won’t wear gold with silver.

Yes, we’re ALL slaves to fashion – our own fashion. I’m a slave to fashion, but I’m a slave to the RIGHT fashion.

Yeah. The right fashion. Because I chose it. That’s what makes it right. For me. I won’t wear a crooked part or let my bra straps show or wear ugly shoes.

Actually, anyone who does wear ugly shoes is¬† slave to un-fashion. But that’s another post.


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  1. Craig Koff says:

    The cat eye glasses are definitely you!!

  2. Barry Jay says:

    I am a slave to fashion….I have three pairs of shoes!

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