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We Can’t All Be Mother Teresa

No matter how little self esteem you have, I’ll bet if you try hard enough you can think of several things that you are good at.  It doesn’t matter if anyone else sees value in these attributes, but I think it’s important to realize that being good at anything is good, even if society doesn’t really  value it. Not everyone can be good at finding a cure for some ravaging disease, but being good at being able to juggle a job, a kid and a house is more than most men can claim (Okay; some can, but most don’t need to. That’s why they have the time to find those cures.). As for me, I haven’t had a problem with self esteem for at least 30 years (that’s fodder for another post) , so my challenge was to pick three that I think are fairly unique to me but still might be a surprise to those who only know me through this blog. Besides, I like talking about myself (can that count as a skill?).

TV Cartoon Theme Songs Of course, my skill at this is limited to cartoon shows I actually watched (most of which no longer exist, except on TV Land), but it is extensive. Eighth Man? Easy. Gigantor? Piece of cake. George of the Jungle, Super Chicken and Tom Slick? I even have down the sound effects. Warning: If you ask me to sing one, you won’t be able to stop me.

Knowing a Little about a Lot Some may call it being a know-it-all; I call it being well rounded and well informed. How to uncover whether or not something is an urban myth? I got it. How to cook a pumpkin and what type you should use for a pie? No sweat. How much the U.S. spent on the huge embassy we built in Iraq? Please; don’t insult me with such an easy question. My secret?  National Public Radio. You would be surprised how much you can learn when you practically live in your car.

Being Around Men I count this as a talent because I think most women – or at least a lot of them – aren’t especially comfortable being around a group of men. I, on the other hand, am “one of the guys” as Gary puts it. I don’t get embarrassed at off color jokes, I swear like a truck driver and my encyclopedic (though truncated) knowledge about a little of everything comes in handy when they start discussing sports or computers or the world economy.  I also think own testosterone levels are higher than average. . . and I can burp on demand.

All that said, there are things I’m really, really bad at:

Changing my Routine I hate changing  my routine. If I’m forced to change the order of my morning ritual, I’m likely to forget something (Argh! No deodorant!). Once I’ve determined the most time efficient way to drive somewhere, it takes everything I’ve got not to insist on that route, even if someone else is driving. I’m not quite Monica from Friends – but I’m close.

Throwing Things Away Maybe it’s my childhood – and the fact that with 6 kids, we couldn’t afford to even throw away a stub of a pencil – but it is really, really hard for me to get rid of anything. Really.  Anything. A random screw? It will sit on my counter (or in my “junk drawer”) forever. The first wool skirt I made in 1968? I don’t wear it – but I still have it. My Beatle collection? As if I’d ever get rid of my Beatle cards,  magazines, scrapbooks or first drafts of the letters I wrote them. I’m still fuming over my mother throwing away my collection of JFK assassination newspaper articles (See, Mom? They would have been worth something!).

Admitting I’m Wrong This is probably what I’m worst at. I just hate to admit I’m wrong. And I guess this is where I take after my Dad (I’ll happily take this from him and leave the temper or negative attitude to others). As he would say: “I’m not right all the time; just 99%.” I do try to admit I’m wrong sometimes and those little victories over myself are very satisfying. And rare.

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  1. Greetings from Baghdad, Iraq, Lucille! Great post…

    I count my main skill as being able to juggle (and be sort of good at) many things. But this has also proven a detriment, as my efforts tend to be diluted at times, and I end up compromising too often and not delivering my best with each effort.

    But now that I have my activities limited to (1) work, (2) my non-profit organization and (3) basic survival in a war zone, my life has become greatly simplified and much more focused. I’m actually liking it, and can see why men tend to be so myopic!

  2. m.steinmetz says:

    My talent is knowing what hair style a women should have! I could look at someones bone structure and just know what cut they should have that would be most flattering…and what color or how they should hightlight their hair. I can’t tell you how many friends I drag to my very talented hair stylist Chelle…its a burden having this talent , you just can’t tell someone (sometimes I do, though) your hair makes you look matronly (old)…my feeling is, your hair doesn’t age like the rest of you…so use it as an asset…I hate hearing a women say that she chops off her hair…because its easy ugh! Next, it’s comfortable shoes(croc’s Camille?) and clothes(sweat pants all day?)…

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