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Topless in NJ

With all this hot weather, you know what’s really grossing me out? Of course, I’m talking about men running around without shirts on.

Do they have no shame? I mean, really. Some of them are flabby and shapeless and some of them have breasts as large as mine – but not quite as perky. And, yes, I’ll admit some of them look damn good. But it doesn’t matter if once in a while you see an attractive man’s chest as you drive down the street or if it’s a group of high school athletes, it’s the street, goddamn it! Put some clothes on!

It really makes me nostalgic for the old days (which I can’t bring myself to call the “good old days” because too much of them were not), when people had to be fully clothed to be considered respectable. Nowadays, nobody – or almost nobody – cares about being “respectable” anymore. Teenage girls wear practically nothing (with their parents’ consent, apparently), boys wear their pants around their knees, and men run around without shirts on. Can’t we agree that this is just going too far? What will we have next: people walking around in their pajamas? Oh; we already do.

All I know is that the worst we used to see was women wearing rollers in public (they still do, too; haven’t they heard about electric curlers????) or letting their bra straps show. And, I don’t care what you say, bra straps showing is STILL tacky, in my book.

I want a new law that prohibits topless running – or walking, for that matter – male or female. And, while we’re at it, , if they get caught the penalty should be that they have to wear a bra.

And those straps better not show!

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  1. Marie Mills says:

    I tend to agree with you Lucille maybe I’m old fashioned but morality and personal respect seems to have gone out the door. I’m not really sure when it left but I say bring it back. It used to be people had to imagine what you looked like with no clothes on now you’d have to imagine clothed people.

  2. Ruthann says:

    I was on the beach today. Their was a lady that had a bikini on that had boobs front and back just like this. My husband said he couldn’t figure out what was back and what was front. So Sad!!!!

  3. john says:

    I waas in my offioce shirtless today. I own the company and no one was in except for Mike

  4. Frank M says:

    It just proves my theory. There are people in this world who don’t own mirrors. They simply can’t own them – if they did and bothered to look into them, they wouldn’t go out of the house. I rest my case!

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