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The Weaker Sex? Use Me!

Ever wonder why there are so many cultures that suppress women? You know, where they force their women into submission, make them cover a good part of their bodies (and I’m including the Catholic Church in this diatribe), then claim it’s to “protect” us. But when you dig a little deeper, they admit this “protection” is really meant for the men – to protect them from their sexual urges. It’s pretty simple why they do it. We have what they want – sex – and that makes us powerful. More powerful than them, in fact, because women aren’t slaves to our physical urges . . . which is why all this suppression is needed – to stop us from taking advantage of their weakness. Simply speaking, they’re afraid of us.

Which brings me to my point: men are the weaker sex. Sure, men are physically stronger than women, but there is a reason many cultures don’t allow women to inherit and force them to wear head scarves, veils and  and hijabs (Catholic girls: remember having to wear a hat to church?). It’s because the more we’re covered, the less they succumb to their hungers. And the stronger they become. If women had equal control of wealth, there is every indication that we’d control the world – because they just can’t resist us.

Okay; I know some of you are doubting my logic, but hear me out. How many women do you know who will troll bars in order to have sex with any man? Yes, there are some (I won’t name any names), but this is way more common among men. “Put a bag over her face” as they say.  How about those  cultures where a man isn’t a man if he turns down sex (reliving him of the responsibility and ire of his wife)? And how many business women do you know who can be influenced by a show of leg (or chest) by her potential vendor?

Gary once chided me as anti-feminist for purposely wearing a short skirt for “an important sales call.” My response was “If a guy is stupid enough to buy from me simply because he gets turned on by my legs, then that’s his problem. I’m just using the power I have.”

After all, as Bill Withers sang in  “Use Me”  “if you only knew, you’d wish you were in my shoes.” I’m probably doing them a favor.

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  1. Kirk says:

    One way to fix this whole problem would be through genetic evolution. Breed a different kind of male and female human, alter their genitalia and replace the method in which we procreate. More more “in N out” Fewer holes and swinging things would make for a more civil world.


  2. Kirk says:

    I meant to say No more “In and Out”….

  3. Richard says:

    whose asking you to cover up? Those that do, I agree are crazy. But don’t blame that on me just because I’m a man. Women have their hungers too.

  4. Kevin says:

    Right on, tell it like it is, they are sneaky and freaky when it comes to there hungers, but what gets me is, what they plan and how its plan does not go there way, the man gets the blame.

  5. Barry Jay says:

    Wow….this is a first..well, maybe not a first, but I agree 100% with lucille. I have little or no use for a religion that worries about what you eat and what you wear. I’m sure the almighty has bigger fish to fry than that. In all the countries that still have this mentality of the dark ages, the men walk around with little or no constraints but the women have all the burdens. I was in philly a couple of weeks ago. The man was in shorts, T-shirt and his wife was in a burkah. Give me a break.

  6. Azhar says:

    I was in a fieldwork in a conservative religious community. I am a man but i have to obey and respect the cultural traditions which apparently seems that I am bound to it. For example, it was rude there to talk to a woman having sheer eye contact. at first it was difficult but then i realize that both woman and finally i was feeling comfortable with this setting. as i was able to ask and the female repondents were very much comfortable to reply in detail… there are many examples that i expereinced people are doing on choice because they feel comfortable… So for me it would be little unfair if i will say that if a woman feels comfortable in hijab and likes covering herslef, she is actually under submission? actually if i am a woman not like to wearing hijab or cover my body .. and i feel that i m more free than the woman in hijab, it is my biased opinion then… Therefore, important is freedom of choice for people to be comfortable for themselves and other..we must change our views about cultures and prejudicing about them whether there is something unfair going on… offcourse if culturally a thing is forced and it is not by the law of that country, it can be talked about …

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