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The Unholy Trinity

There are three types of women: Drama Queens (think Glen Close in Fatal Attraction), Blinders (What do you mean, he’s married???) and Normals. Most of us probably think we’re Normals, but I’d venture to guess that at least a few of us are Drama Queens and probably most are Blinders.

How do you know which one you are? It’s quite simple. DQs can be spotted by their ability to make everything bigger than it really is. Got lost? Watch for the tears. Stubbed her toe? Oh, my GOD! Boyfriend married? Rabbit stew!

Blinders, on the other hand, can’t see what is blindingly obvious to the rest of us. Husband has to work on every holiday? He’s just dedicated. He never calls, he breaks dates, he never wants to go out? Is it something I’ve done? Co-worker mysteriously calls on a potential customer you’ve been researching? Just a coincidence.

Finally, we have the Normals. That’s everyone who isn’t one of the above.

Now, let’s think about which type most men would choose. Common sense would say Normals but think again. If that was true, Gary’s one-time squeeze wouldn’t have called him from work, screaming, “But, I LOVE YOU!” But she did. And he picked her. So, why?

My friend John and I were discussing this today and here’s what we decided: men like the drama; they like the passion, they like the excitement. Until they get out of bed. Then it gets old, real fast. And, fellas, these ladies aren’t easy to get rid of, are they?

Now, the Blinders are very popular for an obvious reason: men can get away with murder. He has an apartment in Philly where he works (and keeps his mistress)? Wife will never question why they never go to Philly together. He wants to get “massages” when he’s, uh, tense? He gets a separate credit card and she’ll never open his the bill (or, alternatively, he’ll just have it mailed to his office, ala Mad Men.

So, we Normals (and, yes, I put myself in that category. . . ), who are obviously the best of the bunch, really have to stick together. Though, come to think of it, sometimes the Drama Queens can be fun. And the Blinders let us get our way.

And we can’t even use sex as an excuse.

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  1. Patricer says:

    How about….I don’t bring my cell phone in because I don’t want to forget it here. oh…you’ve never met friends or family after 3+ years.
    I’m definitely a “blinder” question….

  2. Marianne says:

    I think, as women age we naturally go through all these stages…blinders, drama queens and then we should reach normal (with a touch of drama queen for fun) at some point. If in my relationship,at the beyondbabedom stage of life and have be a part time detective…its time to end it.
    I don’t think we fit so perfectly into little squares or circles. I still have a drama queen day now and then. My dear friend Sandra…actually names all these personalities she is…Sandra, a successful executive who doesn’t flirt or date, Smitty is playful, good hearted and trusting…and Sybil is a bad girl, drama queen kind of women (she sits and plays her baby grand wearing only a boa feather around her neck and red spiked heels, on a first date!)….I like these labels better,they are all human traits….I say embrace them!

  3. Frank says:

    She’s not only normal but she’s fabulous! ‘Nuff said!

  4. David Alexander says:

    Thanks for stealing a post I was working on for the “No Curves Zone.” My fault for hesitating. Give a man a dose of sodium pentathol and ask him this question. My wife is as normal as it gets — as low maintenance as any woman I’ve been involved with. My early experiences with drama queens cured me, althogh it took a few traumatic experiences to finally understand what I didn’t want in a serious relationship. Like your last post on FJs, men tend to repeat their mistakes with women until they ultimately get a clue (or not!). Like a guy once said, “sometimes being is love is like constantly hitting your head up against a tree. Once you stop it feels so much better!”

  5. Judy Herring says:

    I’d say I’m a reformed “blinder”, closer to Normal, but not quite there, yet! I used to see things that only I could see, and my friends would tell me otherwise. I think blinders do that because they are looking for that “reason to believe” as Rod Stewart once sang. But the proof is in the pudding or the proof is in the actions of others. If we really study the actions of our partners, we see them for who they really are. Also, blinders tend to live in denial, too. “But he’s my husband, he must be telling me the truth” as the disappears into another room when his cell phone rings…Learn from our past, our mistakes and have the courage to move forward.

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