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The Ultimate Teeny Weeny Challenge



I thought to myself: what kind of challenge could I create that could be just as interesting as the ALS challenge but also address the sexuality double standard?  I knew there had to be something that would fit the Beyond Babedom readership. . .

It all started with the ALS challenge. You know, the one where people dump pails of cold icy water over their heads and some idiots knocked themselves out. I’ve been thinking about this challenge and how it went viral. It’s nice that a very worthy cause can use the internet to spur charitable giving. But as I thought about this challenge, I was also pondering the nude photos hacked from the iPhones  of female celebrities and the resultant backlash that the women also had to endure. Unsurprisingly, these women have been disparaged and even blamed for this treatment because, of course, if you have a nude picture of yourself, you are a slut. It just amazes me that the idea of wanting a nude picture of yourself makes you at best stupid and at worst “asking for it.” Why doesn’t it ever happen to men? Yes, you can find naked pictures of male celebrities all over the Internet, but that’s because they themselves have posted them. Nobody takes the trouble to hack into a man’s phone, get a picture of his penis and then post it online. Even if they did, nobody would vilify him or suggest that he’s someone of easy virtue. No, usually it actually improves his stature – he’s virile, he’s manly, etc.It seems only women are attacked for being sexual.

So, I thought to myself: what kind of challenge could I create that could be just as interesting as the ALS challenge but also address this sexuality double standard?  I knew there had to be something that would fit the Beyond Babedom readership and, finally, I hit upon it: the Ultimate Teeny Weeny challenge.

So what is the Ultimate Teeny Weeny challenge? Ladies, you’re going to love this. My challenge involves more pictures of men’s junk. Yes, that’s what I mean. I want you to take pictures of any man who has a smaller than average penis. Then, we post them! With their names! And let’s see if these pictures go viral.

There are plenty of posted pix of the other end of the spectrum. But what fun is that? They only give the “posers” more cred, not less. But we know many of them are at the, shall we say, less prodigious end. We’ve seen women being shamed through the posting of nude photos. It is time to turn the tables and share the shame with men.

So, sisters, help me make this challenge go viral. Take a picture of a small penis and post it online. . . with a name. I predict a flurry of claims of cold water shrinkage. . .

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  1. Reggie says:

    I fail to see how this is constructive. Of all the people I’ve spoken to about “the Fappening”, it was always the women that were quick to blame the victim. The men were mostly grateful to get to see some sexy celebrities naked — thankful that they took such pics. The men that were playing the blame-the-victim game caved easily when I pointed our how unfair that is. The women all pushed back and even mocked me for labeling them victims. “Don’t take pictures of yourself naked” they said. They couldn’t be convinced that these women did nothing wrong or that their own position on the issue was detrimental to women in general.

    So, how does shaming men with small penises do anything to change the fact that women, it seems, are quite unsympathetic to these public shamings? How does performing a malicious act like this make you any better than the celeb leakers? It’s childish. I don’t think it does anything to further women’s rights. It only makes it easier to marginalize you.

  2. Judy Herring says:

    I get what you are writing about Lucille…..This is not about shaming men with small schlongs……It is representing the fact that for some odd reason, women who have pictures of themselves naked gets leaked all over the place. Naked pictures of men seldom do, if ever. Why is that???? Is the general public not interested in naked men??? Maybe not!!??? Does anyone really believe posting pictures of naked men would “marginalize” women? Really???

  3. David Alexander says:

    More often than not, when you see a picture of a man’s penis, he has posted it himself (Anthony Wiener, come on down!). I see where you are going with the post, but not sure how you are going to get there. Kudos to Judy Herring for using the word “schlong.” Haven’t seen that one in a while!

  4. Bob says:

    I think the real interest in the leaked celebrity photos is in the “celebrity” angle, not just the nudity in and of itself. That being the case, the inclusion of names with the penis pics would not have much appeal unless they were famous names. So, how many Beyond Babedom readers happen to be dating male celebrities at the moment?

    • Lucille says:

      If that’s the case, Bob, then why is it we don’t see any male celebrity shamings? The only male celebrity junk we see online are the ones they posted themselves.

  5. Judy Herring says:

    Ugh…it’s not the celebrity… has to do with the onesidedness of the issue!!! Bob used the word “appeal”..if that was really the case, it would mean the appeal of the naked body, regardless of whether it was male or female. So it is only “appealing” if it is someone from stage or screen?? We see them with clothes on, oh, now let’s see them without their clothes…I would be interesting to see just who is posting the naked pictures..are they men or are they women??? And, just who would post pictures of naked men?? Only gay men?? Or insecure men who think others want to see their “stuff”?? Why is it so understanding to post pictures of naked women and not naked men?? What about “Playgirl”??? I understand, Playboy made a huge mark when it started their magazine in the 60’s….too bad it took so long for Playgirl…naked pictures of women have been posted on walls of lockers, walls in bedrooms and workplaces for decades….And for those of you who admired all those photos…how do you think that made some women feel??? How would the male population feel if they found out their female friends, girlfriends, spouses had pictures of naked men in their lockers, or in their breakrooms?????
    THAT is the meaning of double standard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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