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Smiling Faces

I’ve never liked fake tans. As far as I’m concerned, if you want a tan, your have to work at it. Some people just can’t tan, and that’s fine. Using a self tanner to avoid burning or skin cancer is okay with me; but going to a tanning salon is – IMHO- cheating.The same goes for Botox. If your face is going to sag and wrinkle, using Botox to erase the road map of your life is cheating. And it’s not just cheating on your looks; it’s affecting your ability to feel.

I’m not kidding. A recent published study shows that people who get Botox treatments lose the ability to empathize. Apparently, when you can’t mimic the emotions of others, you don’t have the ability to understand what people are thinking. And if you don’t understand what people are thinking, you can’t empathize with them. Ah! So that’s why those taut-faced women are so cold!

It’s called facial feedback and it kind of makes you wonder how “facial feedback” has been affecting your whole life. Women are always accused of being too “smiley” especially at work. Maybe men are using this facial feedback to¬† “read” us to the point of knowing how to get us to accept less pay, fewer promotions and more abuse. Because we do On second thought, maybe we all ought to get on the Botox poker-face bandwagon and keep them wondering.

Now, if we can just add that to the national health care plan. . .

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  1. Laura says:

    No fake tan on this body. Worshipped the sun since I was a teenager and being Italian definitely helps! Only difference now is I cover my face with a towel to avoid wrinkles and nixed the baby oil!

  2. Susan says:

    Well..a few things here. I have read the facial feedback study but believe that I have SO many decades of empathetic practice, that I would do just fine all smoothed out. And, I do want folks to know that spray on or ‘bed’ tans do not protect one from the sun’s rays! These are aesthetics only.

  3. chris munson says:

    Empathy is a much overrated capability. More Scrooges and fewer Dr. Oz’s is what’s needed. Free Botox for everybody I say if that’s what it takes to get the economy back on track.
    National Health Care frustrates nature’s tried and true principle of Survival Of The Fittest. All those smiles in Congress over the last 40 years have gotten us is $14.5 Trillion in debt. We have fought the “War on Poverty”. It’s over. Poverty won!

  4. Pat says:

    The thought of injecting “poison” in my face to look younger makes about as much sense as getting so much plastic facial surgery that you begin to look like your face is permanently caught in a wind tunnel!

  5. Patrice says:

    Oh, hell. I know a prime example of someone who’s had botox and is non-empathetic….It’s sad to think that someone needs to have this done..maybe their wrinkles are due to sun tanning? We, Lo Sapio women, have been blessed with young looking skin. Damn, Mama sure as hell doesn’t look 90. “God bless her”. I don’t fake tan..yup, I too believe it is “cheating”. I agree that sunless tanner is ok..I am fortunate to be home and able to sit by my pool for my tan…
    another thought…why is it people are racist yet sit in the sun all summer long to try and get darker???? lol

    Loving the sun and using my sunscreen…

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