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Why is it that, when you look at old high school photos, the guys who are bald now were the ones with all the hair? My husband, my brother in laws, virtually every bald guy I know spent the 70’s (and later, as we all know. . . ) with pony tails and big ‘fros. Which brings me to today’s subject: while we know women spend time and money on keeping their curls cool, men are the biggest closet coiffeur-ers.

They love to make fun of us, criticize the time we spend and pooh-pooh our travails, but have you ever seen a guy obsess over his hairdo? Think; you’ll suddenly start remembering how your older brother spent hours in front of the mirror, getting that cowlick down (Mario), or your son flipping out when the teacher rearranged his hair for the class photo. Men are just as – if not more – preoccupied with their hair. They just hide it well – or simply lost it.

That’s why Gary shaves his head. He doesn’t have enough to even do a comb-over (thank Goddess!) so he went in the other direction. Of course, until about 3-4 years ago, he still wore a ponytail (after all, he’s a musician), but now he preens over his van dyke facial hair instead.

So, my theory is that men lambaste us over our hair fixation simply because they don’t have enough – except on their backs.

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  1. Tony says:

    … could it be all that pulling, tugging, picking, raking ? IDK… I just had a bald friend tell me that he used to have a big fro like mine!

  2. David Alexander says:

    Lucille, as you know I was one of those “big fro” guys back in the 1970’s. I’ve followed Gary’s path, although I don’t shave my head (I’m a coward!) but I do get it cut way down. It seems to be ingrained in us — blame Sampson. I look at my 11 year-old son and realize the serious “man-to-man” conversation will not be just about sex, but the fact he will probably be a member of “The Bald Brotherhood” someday too!

  3. Tony says:

    … BTW, Since you’re talking about hair and balled heads; isn’t it interesting that apparently the “latest trend” for girls (and guys BTW) is to be completely denuted “down there” WTF! What is this world “coming” to! Guys are going bald down there? ok, I’m getting old now.

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