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Oh, It Ticks!

I know you have been anxiously awaiting the results of my product testing.

In case you’ve forgotten, I tested Garnier’s Ultra-Lift Daily Targeted Wrinkle Treatment on one side of my face for five weeks. The results? Oh, you will be surprised!  I am not posting a picture of the final results because I’m still surveying people I meet to see if they see a difference, too. So, here is the verdict: YES! Every person – and I mean EVERY person I asked – picked out the side of my face that I had treated. Gary did (and couldn’t believe I couldn’t see it for myself), friends at work did, even strangers did! Yes, I asked women in CVS when I was buying a refill. Everyone – except Gary – took down the name of the product.

Did the untreated side of my face look that bad?

Just in case it does (because I can’t tell), I’ve been using this product on the other side now. Only that side.

After all, isn’t beauty all about symmetry?

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  1. susan buchanan says:

    wooohooo for you and something I have big and deeeeepppp interest in, wrinkles and aging and how to look better..yay you..great topic xoxox can you read the ingredients and do you CARE?

  2. Craig Koff says:

    You are whacked!! LOL That is hilarious.

    And there is no potion on earth that could make a chronologically old fart like you look as great as you do.


  3. John Trainor says:

    Very good. The question is, did every person that noticed the difference think it was a good thing or just that one side of your face looked different from the other? I’m thinking Phantom of the Opera.

  4. David Alexander says:

    Craig is right — your inner beauty will always shine through! Embrace your oldness!

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