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Bald guys. You gotta love them. I mean, at least you have to love them more than someone with a comb-over. Or a rug. How about those guys who insist on always wearing a hat, as though we don’t know they’re fallow ground on the top?

Come on, guys. You’re going bald. You know it. We all know it. Wearing a hat, a wig or getting hair plugs isn’t going to change that. Women over 40 have an eye for that. It’s actually more pathetic than women who get Botox. Which, by the way, men are now getting in droves, too. But, I’m drifting here. The topic is hair. Or, rather, lack thereof. And the question is: who do you think you’re fooling and why can’t you just accept it? And – secondly – is facial hair an absolute requisite for those of shiny pate?

Here’s my take. Men are actually a whole lot vainer than they pretend. How pathetic is a balding man trying to deny reality?And when they have to face reality – when they’ve run out of comb over hair or the spray stuff is just painting the scalp beneath their thinning coif- they immediately grow facial hair.

I have no problem with balding men. I married one. One, in fact, he’s’s never had an issue with his lack of hair. Well. . . maybe a little bit.  For a while he was clean shaven. And little by little, he’s experimented with all kinds of facial hair. Moustache. Van Dyke. But, a soul patch? At his age? Glad he got over that!

If men were smart (and some are), they’d shave their heads as soon as the inevitable became. . . inevitable. After all, with a shaved head, no one really knows for sure how much hair you really do have. And you can always pretend you did it as a fashion statement. Actually, shaving your head can actually be good for your health, because most guys feel like they have to get in shape once they’re completely bald.

And, besides, once the hair on your head goes, you’ll make up for it in no time with nose, ear and back hair. . .

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  1. Barry Jay says:

    Here…here! Well, I don’t have worry about facial hair anymore. My 7 weeks of radiation killed all the cells. I hated shaving before, but a hellva way to do away with it….

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