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I’m Full of. . .

I’m full of sex. That’s what one of my former high school classmates thought was a great pickup line at my high school reunion. “I’m full of sex.” Really. Then he flipped his eyelids

in an adolescent show of . . . what? I suppose it was his attempt to replicate the animal kingdom, where lizards and squids change color to attract a mate.  I guess if you’re a wildebeest, it might have been effective. But, BBs? No.

He was voted the Most Obnoxious (and unchanged) by my cadre of girlfriends, but he was just a sideshow. The real show was what has changed since high school. The wild, uninhibited dance queen who is now a staid (and quiet) engineer, the really overweight guy who had gastric bypass, the incredible shrinking woman. And then me: just the opposite of the energetic, attention-seeking chatterbox I was back then.

Okay; I haven’t changed. And probably, down deep, most of us haven’t. Do people ever really change or do they just stop trying to hide who they really are? Appearance is one thing, but personalities probably never morph. Sure, twerpy guys grow up and become mature. But do hounds ever change their stripes? (Yes; mixed metaphor. Is Mrs. Parcels reading this?)

They say that people revert back to their high school selves at reunions and that may be on the money. We all still hung around the same people we pal-ed around with back in the day. We still sat with the same people we ate lunch with back then. And we still got together, later, and gossiped.

And Mr. Obnoxious still flipped his eyelids and used his gauche pick up line.

And went home alone.

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  1. Susan Nigro says:

    Well, I wonder who Mr.Obnoxious might be??? Well, anyway – you are right on with this one!

  2. Linda S says:

    And I bet I know who that was lol too funny?

  3. Gerrianne says:

    Me too….7 years old 12,16,25,34,44,59 years old still acts the same… probably will never change

  4. Susie says:

    I wasn’t even there and i bet i know who it was, yeah some people just don’t change!

  5. Barry Jay says:

    You know what a dog terd and a woman have in common? The older they are, the easier they are to pick up…

  6. Tony says:

    Are you absolutely sure he said “sex?”

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