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I Am SO Not Sorry


There is no such thing as a woman who isn’t sorry. We’re sorry you lost someone. We’re sorry we got to the cashier first. We’re sorry your day isn’t going well. Sorry sorry sorry.

Well, I’m sorry, but I am so not sorry anymore.Come on, ladies. Listen to yourselves. We do it to be polite, we do it to ask permission (“Can I ask a stupid question?”). We even do it when we’re asking some inconsiderate person to get the hell out of the way (“I’m sorry, but would you mind moving out of the middle of the aisle that you’ve been blocking for 10 minutes?”)

I know. You want to be harmonious. You want to take responsibility. But listen to yourselves. . . you’re pathetic. You apologize for being upset – when you have good reason to be. You apologize to the delivery guy because you “look a mess.”  You even apologize to the cleaning person for asking them to do their job (“I’m sorry; would you mind vacuuming under the couch, too?”).

Remind your husband that you’ll be home late? I’m sorry! Passionate about this election? I’m sorry! Interrupting someone who is totally monopolizing a conversation? I’m so sorry. . .


Yeah, men apologize, too, when they feel they’ve done something wrong.

Which is – I’m sorry – not very often.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    you go, girl! glad you are back! and I love it – soooo true.

  2. Kathy Y says:

    Boy you hit the nail on the head! I can hear myself saying those things. I am so pathetic! I have just decided that I will NEVER again use the words “I’m sorry” even (especially) when I am. Just remember that the next time we get together.
    Miss you!

  3. Judy Herring says:

    I’ve caught myself saying “I’m sorry” over the last couple of years, when I wasn’t really sorry at all….it was a HABIT! I would preface a sentence with…”I’m sorry, but…! I’ve gotten better lately, and after reading this blog, I will be more aware. From now on, when I’m about to start by saying “I’m sorry”, it will be “This is what I think – DAMN IT!!! Glad you’re back, I missed your blog..

  4. Lucille says:

    My current crusade is to stop women from saying “I’m sorry” when they shouldn’t be. So, when I’m in the grocery store and ask someone to let me through and they say “I’m sorry,” I politely tell them that it isn’t necessary to apologize and that all we women do that all the time. . . and that I’ve made it my job to get them to stop.
    Yes. I am pushy.
    But I’m not sorry.

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