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Fashism Saved My Ego

What do you do when you’re out shopping – alone – and you just can’t decide if those jeans make your butt look big or just good and you start asking anyone who’s in the dressing room, including the 300 pound woman with the leggings ? Or, you’re getting ready for a party, you ask your partner how a particular dress looks, and he says, “It looks fine” or “I don’t know; it looks alright”? Like, he thinks that’s helpful?

It’s a dilemma,  especially at this age, when things that looked great on us in 1980 now look . . . like we should have burned them in 1980. What is a girl to do? We all have stuff in our closets that we love, but now seem to maybe be better left in the closet. Or should they? We just can’t trust our own judgment because we simply cannot be objective.

There is a solution. Fashism. No, not fascism – that’s just sick. – the website where people all over the country are sitting there waiting to see you in those jeans and give you feedback. All you have to do is upload a photo of you in the outfit (using the mirror and your smart phone) and wait for the comments to roll in. Yeah; I know. Some of them are 300 pounds and wearing spandex, but many of them are like having your best (and best dressed) friend with you at all times.

They’re looking for your feedback, too. And I challenge you to not get sucked into looking at – and voting on – all the outfits in question. Oh, and it isn’t just women – men (especially gay men) frequent the site, too. Can you imagine – gay male friends at your fashion beck and call!

Sure, you have to figure out who knows what they’re talking about, but that’s simple enough. Look at how they grade others’ outfits and you’ll be able to choose your favorites. Using this site has not only given me some great ideas, it’s also given me back my self confidence. There is a lot more in my closet that I can wear than I thought (and more ways to put them together).

And, now I always have someone – or a thousand someones – to go shopping with. Yippee!

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  1. Hello Lulu,

    I just read your article. I feel so much better knowing that I can rely on soooo many different sources for an opinion about my wardrobe!!! Hey guys how does my ass look?
    Do you see anything you like???

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