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Halloween happened and now I’m sad. I’m sad because it’s over. Why can’t we have a week of Halloween? You spend so much time preparing – designing your costume, figuring out your makeup and accessories – that it’s gone before you know it. What’s that you say?  You don’t dress up for Halloween? Are you kidding?  How can it be that you’re willing to forgo something you loved as a kid just because you’re now a woman (or man) over 40? Here’s what I think: you think it makes you seem immature, right? Well, grow up. There is nothing immature about making believe. Isn’t that exactly what video games, sports, even movies are all about? Imagining you’re someone or somewhere else? Fantasy is something we all participate in at some point (some more than others. . . ) and I am sick – sick, I tell you – of people letting Halloween go by without even a fake nose to show for it!

And what is the deal with these parents buying cheapy, crummy costumes for their kids? What ever happened to creativity? You’d think with the economy being bad that more kids would be making costumes (how much more fun can you have with your kid than deciding on a costume and figuring out how to make it?). But there their parents were, in force, holding up flimsy, ugly China-made crap and asking their kids, “Do you want to be a witch?” First of all, a witch? Really? Okay; it is Halloween-themed, but come on. And, of course, the costume looked like every other one on the rack, except it was black (vs. red for a devil or pink for a princess).

I don’t care if no one else dresses up, I will be in costume every Halloween (and various days surrounding it, if possible) even if I have no where to go. I’ve been in jobs where I’m the only one who shows up in costume. One year I showed up to Sunday dinner at Mom’s dressed up as Dr. Evil (and I almost convinced Gary that everyone else would be in costume, too). My favorite Halloweens are the ones that require multiple costumes. Only then will I repeat an earlier one. Oh, yes. I must have a new costume every year. Could I really be Osama Bin Laden again and get away with it? Would I want to?

I just have too many ideas that I don’t get to use, so maybe I should just start a Halloween consulting business. (Voodoo doll? Use florist’s foam sewed into your garment and silver pipe cleaners).

Do I really have to wait a year?

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