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Bad, Bad Girl

Remember the good old days when people actually talked about “Women’s Liberation”? Sure, we still hear about libbers, but for the most part, everyone –  men in particular – thinks equal rights for women is an antiquated notion because women have all the advantages anyway. (I can just see the guys nodding and the women rolling their eyes.)

Yes, most men (and plenty of women) believe that inequality between the sexes is a thing of the past Sure, in 1967 men earned 167.5% more than women. . . but didn’t they deserve it? After all. . . wait; I can’t think of any reason. Nonetheless, now the disparity in earnings is only roughly 68.36% more than their female counterparts. Wow! And to think, all that progress in only 43 years! We all hear about how affirmative action has hurt white men soooooo much (don’t even get me started on who still commands virtually all the highest level executive positions and Board of Directors seats), but this post is really about something more specific . . .but I just couldn’t resist bitching.

No, what this post is meant to address is how “women’s libbers” – like me – were wrong, wrong, wrong to attack stay-at-home moms. It  hurt the movement, there were more of them than us and, after all it really wasn’t fair. So, fast forward. Women still do a lion’s share of the housework. Women still make less money than their male counterparts. Women still are underrepresented in the executive suite and boardroom (and Congress for that matter).

But now it’s apparently okay to attack our sisters. That is, it’s apparently acceptable for stay-at-home mom’s to dish the dirt on working moms without a smidge of guilt. Don’t think so? Go to a school event when a working mom shows up. . . finally. Listen to how they talk about her, as if she’s a horrible person for working. Yup, they’re doing the same thing we libbers did back in the 60’s and 70’s. So, what the heck is this all about?

If you’re a  stay-at-home mom, are you really morally superior to a mother who works? And are you any better than the libbers who talked down to you guys way back when? I’m just asking. Because it seems like women can’t win. It reminds me of the old divide-and-conquer ploy. You know, get half of us fighting  the other half and, before you know it, we’re still making less than men and still making the lunches and still cleaning the toilet bowls (and we all know men are the reason they’re so dirty in the first place).

So, ladies, stop badmouthing the working moms. They’re doing it for a reason, whether you agree or not. And we libbers won’t say you’re lazy and unambitious and. . . well, you get the picture. Truce? Hey, strength in numbers!

It may be the best way to get our hands out of the toilet.

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  1. Marie Mills says:

    Women need to boost each other up instead of tearing each other apart after all were all in this together and we can acheive more by working together.

  2. Mike Terzano says:

    That’s why I still drink Schaeffer beer. You know: “The most rewarding flavor in THIS MAN’S WORLD!” (LOL)

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