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You Drive Me Crazy

I’m a control freak, so lots of things drive me nuts: people who mispronounce “vulnerable” (leaving out the “l”), bald guys who do theĀ  comb over and people who misquote cliches (“It’s a doggy dog world”). But what really sets me off is women – successful, intelligent women – who are afraid to drive.

You know the type. They won’t drive anywhere but to work and to the places they always go, and refuse to go anywhere else unless you drive because they’re afraid. Afraid! Of what? A bogey man is going to jump out from behind a billboard? People won’t speak the same language? They’ll get lost? Yeah – they might get lost, but for crissakes, that’s what maps, GPSs and gas stations are for.

Tell me, what is so bad about maybe taking a wrong turn and possibly finding a great little furniture store you never knew was there? Or passing a beautiful meadow, full of flowers, that you would never have seen otherwise? Really, with cell phones and all the other gadgetry we have, what is the problem?

Because it really is more than just worrying about getting lost. I think it’s more about a lack of self confidence, a feeling of inadequacy for who knows what reason. But I’ve seen it in too many women to think it’s just a coincidence. Tell me; have you ever had a guy refuse to go somewhere because “I don’t know how to get there”? How lame is that?

I say grow up, get some balls, take a chance. And stop asking me to drive all the time.

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  1. I’ve been reading you Beyond Babedom on and off. I find you very interesting. I like the fact that you just go for it. Sometimes it make me LOL.Like the one you just sent out “you drive me crazy”. You are to funny. Do you really hang out with people like this? Wow!!! I hope not. Anyway after reading some of your Beyond Babedom I thought I should at lest say Hi.
    Hang in there and have a great day. Jerry

  2. Tony Vito Paccione says:

    My wife told me this morning that she once again had a terrible nightmare about being lost (in Lakewood). She says Lakewood, but went on to say that it was actually Crown Heights, Brooklyn (where she spent her early years). So being the sensitive guy that I am I said “Hon! Lakewood is only 1 or 2 miles square, where’s there to get lost?). It was a rhetorical question because I know it’s been a very long anxiety she has with this. This has diminished the added advantage of having an extra driver in the house. I must however say that I HAVE met many women who drive like a champion! they go anywhere! smoking, drinking, putting on makeup, tuning the radio, whatever, with one hand no less!! I admire them.

  3. Mike Terzano says:

    Isn’t it possible that some dames is just cheap about burnin’ up their own gas?

  4. Hal Holst says:

    This is a topic to which both sexes can relate. I haven’t won a lot of awards, but one that I did win was The Sight Seeing Award when I was coaching the Brookdale Speech team. Sure, I sometimes found creative ways to find places, but I always thought, “No matter what happens, I’ll find SOME way to get to get back home!” Besides, if you only go places that you already know, you’ll never go anywhere.

  5. Judy says:

    I can’t stand it when people use the word “irregardless”. There is no such word. Women seem to excell in the areas where they are not afraid, such as their chosen profession. Yet, some are afraid to drive, fly, eat in a restaurant by themselves, or go to a movie by themselves. I’m very comfortable going out to eat or to the movies by myself – I can sit where I want to, I can watch any movie I want to, I can take as long at the table as I want to. Ladies…throw the fears out the window!!

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