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Welcome to the “No Curves Zone”

When I heard my friend Lucille was starting this website, I was intrigued.  As a middle-aged man married to a woman who fits the demographic Lucille is appealing to, I wondered what would make this site different from the hundreds or thousands out there like it.  I thought one thing that might help is to provide a man’s perspective.  After all, we have been living with you as you gracefully age.  We are first-hand witnesses to your good times and bad, your successes in the workplace and your misgivings as you look in the mirror.  You don’t think we are paying attention, but we do.  We always have…

I don’t see this is an “advice” column.  I’ve been involved with the same woman now for twenty years, and the success in this relationship has in no small part been due to my not giving unsolicited advice.  The man who starts the sentence “Let me tell you how to solve that problem,” is the man who can’t understand why he’s always getting the death stare from his woman!  I hope to be able to make observations on men and women at this interesting time in their lives.  If you want advice, consult all those magazines at the check-out line in the grocery store.  But I look forward to questions, comments, complaints (as if I don’t get enough of those now!), etc.  I also hope we can have some fun with this, as well.

By the way, the attached picture was taken in Venice, Italy two years ago.  I figure back in the 15th century this guy was giving some woman advice…and look what it did for him!

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