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True Love

I’ve found myself with some time on my hands recently (especially since I’ve finally put away all the Christmas decorations – almost) and I got to thinking: what are the things I really love to do? I’m not talking about Things with a capital T; I’m talking about all the small things we really relish doing. And I’m wondering why we don’t do them more often. I think we all have stuff that just makes us happy, that we look forward to doing, that we enjoy whenever we do it. For me, some of it is simple, do-it-all-the-time stuff, but mostly, it’s just the stuff that makes me smile. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

I love to use fabric ribbon on gifts. In fact, I’m almost physically incapable of using paper ribbon. And, if I give someone a gift and they look like they’re going to throw away the ribbon, I rip it out of their hands before it reaches the garbage, so it can be used – by me – again. Okay; some of that is OCD, some of it is my genetic cheapness/inability to throw anything away. But, using fabric ribbon is just my way of expressing myself, in a small way, and going the extra step to  make a gift special.

I love canning. Tomatoes, jellies, pickles, lemon curd, baby artichokes, brandied cherries. You name it, I’ll can it. I can spend an entire weekend, non-stop, cooking, sterilizing, straining, wiping, boiling, making labels. Love it, love it, love it. I used to give away everything I canned, then I realized I also loved eating what I’d preserved, so nowadays, I will occasionally give away a jar or two of my famous banana pineapple jam or my wine conserves. But most of it stays right here.

I love Christmas. I love baking Christmas cookies, gift shopping, and wrapping (with fabric ribbon, of course). I’ve hand-stamped my own wrapping paper, given homemade gifts, created elaborate gift baskets with my own creations (but, no more!) and prepared Christmas dinners. But one of my favorite things to do during (and before) the holiday season is decorate. And, boy, do I go all out. For a while, each year I replicated the previous year (OCD in play), but I’ve recently discovered the real joy of creating new ways to showcase the season. With about 15 boxes of decor (not always using all of it), I spend at least a week or more putting it up. And more time, before, planning where it will all go. And then forever taking it down and putting it all away.

I love planning: parties, meals, reorganizations, decluttering, whatever. I think I actually enjoy planning a party more than the actual parties themselves. And I go whole hog, with themes and details that no one except me will ever notice. So what? I love it!

I love cooking. Not when I have to, but when I want to. But I usually want to. I’ll cook a main course I’ve never tried before and serve it for a dinner party. And, I’m good. Really.

I love organizing. Someone (an engineer) told me I should have been an engineer.  I’ve spent tens of hours planning closet reorgs, furniture rearrangements, and home renovations. Not to mention the weeks and weeks I’ve spent over the years landscaping our yard.

Which brings me to gardening: love it! Planning, planting, enjoying. Our yard has gone from a wasteland to a showcase, if I say so myself. My newest project: a formal parterre or knot garden, which has to be viewed from above to really be appreciated. Once Gary began his attic renovation (and we had a large window installed), the knot garden began.

It’s important to find time to do the things you love. How do I find the time? I just don’t do housework!

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