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The “No Curves” Zone: How Rogue can you go?

The book we’ve all been waiting for is finally out, and what better way to show the special someone how you love them during this holiday season than a copy of the Thrilla from Wasilla’s 400-page pimp slap of John McCain, Katie Couric, the father of her daughter’s child (Ricky Hollywood!), Barack Obama and, of course, the liberal media.

I was in the company of a number of men last week, and used them as an unofficial focus group on the subject of Sarah Palin.  These men readily acknowledge that even though they disagree with just about everything that comes out of Sarah’s overly lipsticked mouth, when they think about her positions, it ain’t the economy or health care or tax-cutting that comes to mind.  Most of the positions these guys are thinking about when they listen to Sarah Palin are on the pages of the Kama Sutra.

Lest you think me crude, take a look at Newsweek’s cover this week.  Ms. Palin has already called the cover sexist, but will no doubt use it to her advantage as she has other issues in the past.  You got to give it to her, she’s a nimble one!   She parades her children before the public, but chides the media for getting into her personal life.  She talks about the evils of big government imposing its will on individuals, but her most successful initiative as governor was to increase the government-sponsored oil subsidy check each Alaskan receives  (approximately $3,500 for every man, woman and child).   She talks about the need for principled, steadfast leadership in government, and then resigns as Governor halfway through her term.  She castigates the “liberal media”, but has been all over the television this past week.  Working both sides of the street — you betcha!

Obviously, a good number of people certainly pay attention to what she has to say.  She even seems to create her own orbit.  There is the strange case of Carrie Prejean, the California beauty queen, who claims to be another victim of the liberal media’s campaign to persecute conservative women.  Ms. Prejean has said repeatedly that Sarah is her role model, as if she has achieved her notiriety for her political views, and not a series of self-produced sex tapes.

We’ll see how all this plays out over the next three years.  For every sleepless night Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee will suffer, Tina Fey has got to be lovin’ life.  As a famous comedian once said, “this material writes itself.”  This time last year Sarah Palin was a virtual unknown. My male colleagues will continue to pay close attention to her, for obvious reasons.  But even the Kama Sutra will run out of pages sooner or later!

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  1. m.steinmetz says:

    First off, she posed for a running mag. and Newsweek highjacked the picture to sexualize and discredit her…
    As far as Alaskans receiving money from the state, how refreshing, and you see that as a negative?…would you rather live in California …where they are sucking you dry?…
    Name one politican that doesn’t parade their family around the stage during an election…Hillary had her daughter by her side and making speeches through much of the campaign..I don’t agree with most of what comes out of her mouth, but I cool for them.(ps Hillary could use a little more lipstick…so she doesn’t look so pastie” you’ve got to be kidding low can you go?
    She is not responsible for people, who claim she is their role model…
    Who doesn’t do a book tour…after writing a much anticipated book? Why is she accused of working it? They all do it. The question, is why she singled out as doing something new and slick.
    I just wish, as women, even if we don’t agree with another womens opinion…we would fight, for her right to have it and voice it if she so wishes. If you want to be be it. But, be fair about it. Pick a real issue. Some of us do not view Joe Biden, as an Einstein type fella…actually, he is somewhat of a baffoon…you betcha!
    It’s fine to disagree with Sarah Palin on her political views..but cheap shots, are just that, cheap shots..first ask yourself …would I be saying that if she were a man.

  2. Lynn says:

    I tried Google’ing the statistics for the numbers of interviews given by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and others when they all released a book (or in Al Gore’s case, a fictitious movie followed by an unearned Nobel prize). I didn’t find anything concrete but Sarah Palin isn’t doing anything different – she has a product to promote. She has sat for interviews with reputable reporters, and not just Fox News. The others I’ve mentioned seemed to have talked to everyone short of Pee Wee Herman. And so what that’s she proudly putting her five children on display, it shows a very stable family, including her eldest son who’s in the military. I agree with m.steinmetz, but ask an additional question: ” …would we be saying that if she were a man … or a liberal??

  3. David Alexander says:

    Let me respond to Lynn’s comments first — If Sarah Palin wants to put her family on display, that’s fine. But she shouldn’t say that same family is off bounds, when questions are raised about their “stability”, or when she uses them to spread mis-truths or outright lies (Trip and Death Panels). I find it interesting that you raise issues about my political leanings by exposing your own. Al Gore’s fictitious movie? It’s not enough to disagree, but to call it fiction? Ask the people who worked for John McCain about Palin’s claim that she was charged for the cost of the McCain campaign’s vetting expenses? Or are they just out to get her because she’s female?

    To m.steinmetz’s post– I was aware of what Newsweek did. I mentioned it to prove a point — this is how she is being portrayed to a large segment of the population, including the men I made reference to in the earlier paragraph. As far as Alaskans receiving money from the oil companies, this was something that has been going on in Alaska for sometime. It was originally negotiated jointly by the Federal govt. and the state of Alaska, and the checks keep coming in. Some in other parts of the US (including California, I’m sure) would call this big government-run welfare. Governor Palin certainly didn’t see it that way. Let’s see if she continues to share that view about the role of government in other programs.

    I didn’t claim she was responsible for Carrie Prejean, and I have no problem with her promoting her book. But she is going to be singled out. I’m curious if you were this upset when Hillary Clinton was being attacked by the left and right at this time last year (nice touch on the lipstick comment, by the way) or is this a case of “situational sisterhood?”

    Like Sarah Palin or not, much like the guy currently in the White House, she’s playing a large part in changing the rules of the game. So far, she’s done a great job, but the final chapter has yet to be written. Hey, how do we know she’s an American citizen? WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

  4. m.steinmetz says:

    Just to be clear…I don’t agree with alot of what goes on either on the left or right..if someone that has my political views happens to be a slug…I will say this person is a slug..I will not justify them being a slug just because I agree with their politics.
    I made the comment about the lipstick to make a sexist and immature the comment was about Palin.
    I did cringe when Hillary ps made fun of for her pant suits. I hated when they made jokes for her tearing up during the campaign, after having a bad day. And I totally supported her downing that shot in a bar at the end of a long day. I can totally appreciate what she has accomplished in her life…even if I don’t agree with some of her views…personally I wished she had won the Democratic nomination. She actually had experience compared to Obama.
    Don’t accuse me of “situational sisterhood”, you do not know me. I do not like the mud sling, no matter what side is slinging to their advantage. If people would just debate the issues and stop with the personal attacks, politics could rise to a new level….somewhere around sea level?
    Let’s recap..Sarah Palin is still married to her high school sweetheart (with all the investigators crawling aroune Alaska..nothing surfaced concerning adultry) she has lots of kids…decided not to abort a down syndrome child…. supported her pregnant daughter..oh yeah..she is attractive…and wrote a best selling book..don’t you just hate her!

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