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The “No Curves” Zone: Has the Shark Jumped the Cougar?

In what could be the deathknell to the latest social trend, ABC, the network that gave us Tom DeLay shaking his hips on “Dancing With the Stars” (I’m sure Jack Abramoff enjoyed watching it on the prison TV), will give the nation Courtney Cox in “Cougar Town.” You know a fad is on its last legs — pardon the pun — when network television gets involved!

Ms. Cox’s show adds to the growing marketing of Cougars, including books (“Hot Cougar Sex” and “The Real Cougar Woman Handbook”), websites ( and a Cougar convention held earlier this summer in Palo Alto, CA, which crowned the first Miss Cougar America.

Please don’t misunderstand — I’m all for older women exercising their power, and I know a generation of younger men will be better off for it. Just between you and me, I’ve got a bag packed in the downstairs coat closet for the day Susan Sarandon knocks on my door. Maybe this will turn out to be a good thing. Maybe we can find another way to describe women who date younger men, instead of naming them after jungle cats. Here’s a novel idea — let’s just call them women?

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  1. Lucille says:

    You see, I was right when I picked David to write the man’s POV. Here! Here! (Or is it Hear! Hear?)

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