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The Flat Screen Fiasco

The other night Gary and I  bought a flat screen tv. But you know that wasn’t all it was about. No; a flat screen tv means a reconfiguration of the living room and I’d like to share my experience – which I think says a lot about the difference between men and women.

First of all, let me concede that I wanted this tv as much as he did. I am a tv addict, though I will say I like to use tv as an additional activity when I’m cooking, cleaning, crafting, etc. Like most women, I feel guilty if I only watch tv. Thus, pedicure, manicure, clothes repair.

So, we both agreed to get the tv. What came next perplexed him to no end. I said before we got the tv we’d have to agree on what piece of furniture would place it (the entertainment unit we have just wouldn’t accommodate a bigger tv). He insisted we could get the tv and then decide where to put it. Na uh. No way, Jose. This has to be planned out.

Which was where I lost him.

Why do we need to figure this all out ahead of time? he asked. Let’s just get it and decide when we get it home. Was he kidding? Does he know who he married? Because there was no way I’d get a flat screen tv that required another piece of furniture without first figuring out the logistics. He literally wanted me to pick up the tv and, without as much as a measurement, decide on a table/entertainment unit/whatever on the spot. Really?

I informed him that this was a big decision, necessitating discussion and research. What table would fit? How would it look with the rest of the furniture? What would we do with the existing unit. . .and everything it held? Can you believe he actually wanted to put everything from that unit in boxes and “eventually” decide where to put it all???

He was flumoxed, confused, unbelieving. And I explained that his confusion and lack of understanding was because he wasn’t a woman. . . or gay. And that I understood that he really didn’t care if the house looked like a sh–thole (though he liked when it didn’t), but I did, and, finally, that this decision was something I’d have to live with for 10 years.

That last comment floored him. Live with it for 10 years??? Don’t be so dramatic!

So, tell me, BBs. Do you agree? Is the addition of a flat screen tv (and elimination of a crucial piece of furniture) important enough to spend a little time and research?

Like that’s really a question. . .

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  1. Maggie Roberts says:

    So what ended up happening? Did you measure and redesign before the purchase was made…..because based on your beginnng paragraphs, we all know you bought it. So I guess Gary’s point was…. that’s YOUR job, figuring out where it goes. I will tell you this. When we GOT a flat screen tv, Gustie bought it alone, brought it home by himself and set it up- so much for democracy – but that didn’t bother me. I guess the point is: maybe you should not have done this together? My sister and her husband do all this research and then buy thing “together”. not for me. They take absolutely forever to do these things “in concert”. yuk. I believe I am more emotionally vested when I endeavor on a marital decision making exercise and get out voted than when he does something on his own and his own way. Saves time and aggravation.

  2. Linda Kravetz says:

    Maggie: I just subscribed to RS2.0 (Feeds) but I am not sure where exactly I’m supposed to write my response to Lucille’s flat screen blog. But here’s my take on the fiasco (will Lucille get this?) Gary is a guy and an artist – they do those things. He figures it’s a new TV, and therefore there will be a new look all around, really a bonanza. We all need change once in a while. Life can be so boring.
    My experience has been a variation on those two themes (Lucille’s and yours.) When we acquired our first flat screen TV a few years ago, my husband, a scientist, spent hours measuring the space where it would go (the space where our old TV was) in the entertainment unit in the family room. It was a no-brainer. Tape measure in hand, he simply looked around for his favorite brand in the size that would fit. Period.
    Last week we had to buy another flat screen TV for the new kitchen, a wall-mounted model. Took him a month to decide what to buy. He measured the wall space over and over, and chewed on whether we would get the “box” that gives you all the channels or the “card,” (whatever that meant) which, it turned out, is discontinued; what size I wanted, etc. I was feeling antsy because I had already purchased the wall mount.
    By the time we made the purchase, the prices had gone down dramatically but the wall mount I had bought had turned obsolescent (we got a store credit for it, though.)
    The bottom line is: he wanted everything just right, otherwise he knew he’d get an earful from yours truly.
    Lucille, hope you and Gary are enjoying your new flat screen wherever it sits now.

  3. Judy says:

    It’s amazing what technology will do to people! Cell phones ean we can be reached anywhere, computers mean we can go anywhere, and flat screen tv’s mean we have to redecorate!! I do not own one of the newest wonders in television technology, yet. But, the tv we do have is a monster!! 60 some odd inches and stands alone, oh mighty one! IF we do decide to invest in a flat screen, we will need to redecorate for sure and that means MORE new furniture. Our present wall unit (over 25 years old) will only accomodate a small tv – do they even make those anymore??? When and if we take the plunge into tv meca, I will call you for advise!!! Oh…I agree with you Lucille, this is one area where men and women are very, very different. Men tend to act first, admire thier actions, then think about it (maybe). – whereas women tend to think first, hesitate for a while, think some more, then act. I can’t wait to read comments from your male friends.

  4. Barry Jay says: much drama about a TV…He’s my take on it.

    First, when we decided to get one, it took about 30 seconds to decide on which one….a SONY. Sold them for years and they were always bullet proof. Sony no baloney as they say. Secondly, get the best model at the time….the 52 inch XBR5.
    Since the object is a multimedia extravaganza, we’d redesign the room around it.

    Lucille, here’s what you do. Bring a big garbage pail into the living room and get rid of all the tchotchkes, pictures, trinkets…all the crap we collect. Then, call the retro 70’s second hand store and tell them you have a wall unit they can come pick up. Take all your booze and get a small cabinet for your front living room and stash it up there. Take your receiver (hope it’s at least Dolby 6.1….if not, replace that also) and get a small, low profile table for under the flat screen (which will be wall mounted) and organize it under there. Then call Barry Jay, he’ll come over and he and Gary will wire it all up. A flat screen without good surround sound is only 1/2 of the equation….

  5. David says:

    Men are hunters; women are gatherers

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