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That’s Super

With all these  super hero movies – Green Lantern, Spider Man, Iron Man – I keep wondering which super power I would pick, if I had the option.  Then it struck me: most of the super powers you hear about are the ones men would like to have. Invisibility. X-ray vision. Ability to climb up walls. Super strength. The ones that would make it easier for them to spy on us. Especially when we’re undressed.  So, here’s the question: which super power would most women would want? Maybe we’d opt for the power to twitch our nose (ala Samantha) and make the house clean itself. Ahhh. Or if might be fun if a “twitch” could make our husbands or kids or roommates put things away. So, now I’m sensing a trend. At least with me, the powers that are the most tempting are the ones where I can control people and things. Broom – sweep! Husband – change sheets! Dog – pick up your own . . . well, you get the picture.

Of course, I’d love to fly, just like in my dreams. That – as any shrink would tell you – is pure escapism but, hey, wouldn’t it be fun to be able to skedaddle away when you see that positively annoying friend making her way over to you at a party? Or, better yet, invisibility. But I’ve got my reservations about that. Do I really want to hear what people are saying about me when they don’t know I’m in the room? Especially when I consider what they already tell me when they know I’m there? I’d rather imagine only the best – “I love watching Lucille act on stage” or “Isn’t Lucille the most wonderful friend?” – instead of hearing the cold, hard truth. After all, do I really need to hear how overbearing I am – again?

Strength? Nah – there doesn’t really seem to be too many times I need super strength, other than when I’m trying to move furniture by myself. Ability to climb walls? And, why would I want that? X-ray vision? Do I want to look inside people’s homes or under their clothes? Yuck.

I’ll stick with the twitching-nose witch powers. After all, how can you beat being able to turn your boss into a dirty, slovenly garbage eating hog? Especially when he’s already halfway there.

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  1. Judy herring says:

    I could choose to have the super power to go into hyperspeed whenever I needed to get things done and NOT be exhausted afterwards. That way I could keep my house clean, do the errands, cooking all the dishes I want to try, study, work etc. I pick the super power because I never seem to have enough time in the day to get all the things done that I want to do in a day. BUT, there are still some things that I would not want to speed up – spending time with my daughters, husband, mother, friends etc.. BUT, if I got all the other stuff out of the way, then I would have more time to do everything else!!!

  2. Terri says:

    Yeah, I gotta go with the twitching nose or I Dream of Jeannie arm cross, head bob. If I could just have my house be clean in a blink, it would leave me so much more time for facebook! haha OK more time for other fun activities in general. 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Not x ray vision, seen one you’ve seen them all. Not a climbing ability, who cares what self serving activity he is involved in. reading minds is redundant all he thinks about is sex. I guess a super human ability to manipulate minds would be ideal. That way we could stop the idiotic wars over turf and religion and impress upon the men of this world that love, fidelity, compassion, and true interest in the plight of mankind is so much more important than the size or lack of size of his dick.

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