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Going to Hell in a Handbag

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Would you walk into a store and steal a dress if you knew you wouldn’t get caught? How about if some sleazy character ran up to you on a side street in NYC and offered you a diamond tennis bracelet dirt cheap (as a burglar alarm sounded around the block)? What about taking money out of your friend’s bag when her back was turned?

I’m assuming most of you would answer “no” to all of the above (with some unfortunate exceptions, perhaps). But, if you’ve answered no, than here is my real question for you: why do you buy counterfeit handbags? (more…)

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In Order to Form a More Perfect Market

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

The Supreme Court just decided that corporations are people, too; that every corporation is entitled to the same First Amendment rights as any American citizen. In this case, it was about freedom of speech. Now, I think we all agree that companies can say whatever they want (with the caveat that anything in their advertising has to be true. . . or no one else can prove it isn’t). (more…)

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