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For the past three weeks or so I’ve been vigorously planning my high school reunion (which is my way of an explanation as to why I haven’t blogged). Besides getting some very unsolicited information from class members I reached by phone (like how DH’s old friend hoards gold coins and lost his wife because he wouldn’t use them on a down payment on a house), I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in hoarding things from the past (though, as you might remember, I  did finally manage to throw out my old Xerox job appraisals from the late 90s. . . ).

But I’m happy to report that some people are even worse than I am. First of all, there’s the woman who, after 40 years is still sporting the same hairstyle. Then there’s the one who goes on and on about the boys who had crushes on her in high school. Or there’s the there’s the jock who still thinks he’s some kind of icon to every athlete (as if they even know who he is). And, of course,  the one who actually remembers where everyone placed (behind her, of course) in the senior popularity poll. (Try as I might, I can’t remember who placed second behind me as Class Chatterbox).

I guess asking why people  remember mundane details about the past is somewhat academic. Some of us simply have encyclopedic memories when it comes to minutia (me); others, I think, cling to the past so tightly because that was the high point in their lives.

Which is kind of sad.

Sure, we all have wonderful memories – sometimes water painted by time to be better than the actual events. If you have them (like I do, of course), pull out your old report cards and see if the grades you got mirror the grades you remember getting. Or look at some old pictures when you’re wearing that dress that was knock dead gorgeous – and see what you think of it now.

Or, look at your old high school picture and if your hair looks the same now –  you’ll know this post is about you.

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  1. Susan says:

    yeah the ‘stuck in an era’ phenomenon which is why it is good adult beverage is served at reunions, as it facilitates & enhances the experience in proper perspective, sitcom!..nothing serious.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yes, sadly this is all true. You however are going to get in hot water at your upcoming reunion for some of these comments! It will probably be the people who you are not blogging about that will think it is them. I am just happy that I have changed my old hairstyle. See you at the reunion!

  3. Richard H says:

    The past is comfort because, good or bad, you know how it came out. It takes courage (or a sense of adventure) to aim straight ahead ready to face whatever comes over the next hill to challenge you. I find it a challenge and, damn it, fun. the comfortable is boring. My most uninteresting friends are those who are financially secure (at least for the moment) Pain isn’t that bad (once in a while). it reminds you that you are still alive. Get out there and kiss some babies and kick some ass.

  4. Glenrose says:

    girl i know what u mean, my hair the same, as in grade school & high school!! help lol

  5. John Z says:

    No my life began after 22

  6. Diana says:

    Hummm. I kind of have the same style, different color now. But it did change a few times along the way. But of course it looks better now. Lol

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