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Better than Botox?® I don’t know, since I am staying away from Botox. But I’ve been using this for the last 6-8 weeks and I think it’s working. . . I’ll know for sure when I take my after pix (and post them, of course). But I’m going to give it a couple of months before I make my decision. Of course, I got my tube really, really cheap at Marshall’s. But if it does what it’s supposed to (reduce wrinkles), I’m going to Costco and stocking up!

Strivectin was originally developed to reduce/remove stretch marks and began being marketed as a wrinkle reducer after it was remarkably successful at reducing crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines. I’ll keep you posted on my results!

Have your own favorite products? I’ll have a link up (really soon) that will let you send me your comments directly.

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