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“Special” Education

Women make up over 50% of the population, so how the hell can you call us a “special interest group”? Sure, we’re special, but don’t you think it’s about time the rest of you began thinking of us as, perhaps, just as important as you? Let me educate you on what’s special – and not special – about women.

I know;  some women like to be given special privileges; they’re hard to give up. And if people want to not charge us to go into a club, that’s fine with me. Because they don’t let us in for free  for us, really. It’s for the men.  More women in the club means more men, which is the whole goal of  “ladies night.” So don’t pretend you’re doing us any favors.

And what’s the deal with “women’s issues” ? The powers that be (read: men) act as though kids have only one parent. Are fathers really not concerned about their kids’ health and schooling? What exactly makes something a “women’s issue”? It’s usually something that involves caring and nurturing. Are men really saying they don’t have any of those virtues?

Another thing that bugs me is the small number of women running for office. Everyone makes a big deal when a woman runs, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The political machines – who control the money – only have to divert an equal amount to women, at all levels.  Then you’d get some dynamite candidates . . . none of whom will be sending crotch shots or tapping someone’s foot under the bathroom stall.

And don’t pretend that not enough women ‘get involved in politics. I’ve been to enough local political events and phone banks to know that isn’t the case. Sure, the parties will let us plan events and do the grunt work. But they rarely support or encourage female candidacies. How else could we get someone like Michelle Bachmann being considered a “leading female politician”?  Do you really think she is the best our gender has to offer?

Yes, we’re special. But we’re not a special interest. We make up half the world, we do a shitload of work, we are smart, we are capable.

Just because we never played football doesn’t mean we can’t kick *ss.

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  1. Bud from Bayonne says:


    Women are now, and have always been very special to me. As the saying goes,”Can’t kill them…but can’t live without them either”. The problem is that they (women) like working both sides of the street (no pun intended). In other words they want to be viewed as being special, delicate, creatures of “God”, but will scratch your eyes out, or kick your nuts up to your throat if you cross them! You can’t have it both ways. So what’s it going to be????

    Bud from Bayonne

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