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Sister Bonding – Pt 1

Just began my first vacation ever with my “baby” sister Patrice. I   hadn’t realized we’d never done this before and so I have decided this   will be the subject of my posts this week. Because Patrice and I,  though on good terms, have never been especially close (There are 4 sisters in my family with interesting cross relationships, but I’ll
save that for later).
We’ve already discovered some likenesses we never before realized we have:  neither if us like peppermint, we both absolutely LOVE salt and  vinegar potato chips (to the point of self-inflicting  intense mouth pain), and we  each could easily eat a bag of Jax in a single sitting.
So, let’s see what happens with our relationship over the next week –  if we really bond…or want to kill each other!
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  1. Terri says:

    Sisters–A very complex relationship! I hope you both just have a good time enjoying each other’s company!

  2. Angie says:

    Post more pics!!!

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