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Pump You Up

In NJ we have the unique distinction (among other things) of being the only state where you can’t pump your own gas. That means, when it’s 100 degrees out (like it’s been here recently) or it’s pouring or there’s a foot of snow on the ground, I don’t have to get out of my car in my nice heels and nice, clean clothes to grab a greasy, dirty  pump and possibly drip gas on my feet. So, of course, every couple of years, some idiot starts a campaign to change the law and let us pump gas.

Let us? You mean force us. I don’t want that prerogative nor do most sane people.

Which brings me to the point of this post: how often do we let (or expect) other people to do things for us that we could (or should) do ourselves? And how often do we end up being dependent on them? Be real, now. You know you do it. How many times do you say honey, could you carry this for me? when you know darn well you just don’t feel like it? But, I’m warning you, get in the habit of expecting your man to do all the hard stuff and pretty soon you’ll really believe you’re incapable of doing them yourself.

But what’s the downside? I think we end up playing into that male attitude that women are helpless, incompetent, weaker and we simply know that isn’t true. Recently widowed, my friend Bonny learned that she can manage all the lawn work, including riding an unwieldy tractor/mower – not that she really wants to. But the point is, she can. And the point is if she can do that all by her little self, she can do anything.

Here is my challenge to you: the next time you get an opportunity to do something you would normally ask someone else to do for you, don’t. Screen needs to be replaced? You can do it! Circuit breaker flipped? Don’t even think of asking him. Oil needs changing? Well, let’s not go too far; bring it to the service station. Duh.

Just remember, if they can do it, you certainly can.  Back in high school  no one would even consider putting a boy in charge of anything, except maybe carrying the football team’s equipment. Why the hell are we letting them run the world now? Because we’re afraid? Or just lazy?

But don’t pump your gas. That’s just stupid.

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  1. terri says:

    Just changed the heating element on my dryer–all by myself!! Works like a charm! 😉

  2. Sean says:

    Because People are stupid! And Man are A-Holes! You got to remember I am a Moon Child, I have a mother’s heart! 😀

  3. Pat says:

    God only knows…but it’s about time that changes. Who starts wars? Men do!

  4. Richard H says:

    I loved working with you at First Avenue Playhouse. But this, my dear, is pure bullshit — and — of no interest to me.

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