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“No Curves Zone”: Top 10 reasons we should talk about David Letterman

10. It made for great TV — watching Letterman explain his past indiscretions while the audience tried to figure out if this was real or fake…
9. Workplace romance is as much a part of the job as stealing staples or taking someone else’s lunch out of the refrigerator.
8. Another odd chapter in the public life of David Letterman. Remember the woman stalker? The guy who tried to kidnap his son?
7. How many others were there? Apparently, Dave got busy with a few women worked for him.
6. These relationships are as much about power as romance. Access to the most powerful in an organization comes in a variety of ways.  It’s often the worst kept secret in the office.
5. Letterman has made a living taking shots at others in this same position. What’s that old line about “people in glass houses?”
4. This is certainly one way to get a law school education.
3. Now I have to wonder why Larry “Bud” Melman got so much face time!

2.  Let me get this right — the woman at the center of the blackmail scheme was living with the blackmailer?

1.  I guess tonight qualifies as “must see TV!”

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