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Just a Gigolo

Watching TV late one night, just flicking through channels, I happened upon a show that I thought would be kinda funny: Gigolos. And it is. But it got me thinking: how many women actually  . . . ah. . . . HIRE them?

It’s really the kind of story that you don’t hear about all that much – women hiring men to perform all those fun things your mother told you not to do. Of course, even at our age, we could probably show up at a bar and leave with someone without too much effort. But I’m talking about prime beefsteak that you never, ever expect to call.¬† Obviously, someone is creating a market out there. So who are they?

Of course, I’ve read that the women who are actually on this Showtime show are paid to participate (where do I sign up?) with these four hunks. The downside is, of course, you’re being filmed for the world to see, though I have a feeling they don’t have a really big audience. It isn’t the kind of show your guy will want to watch – trust me on that – but you may just enjoy some of the . . .activities?¬† And I had to stop and think: would I ever use a gigolo and, if I did, could I say gigolo without laughing?

Seriously, I found myself thinking about how possible that would be. You know, if I was no longer married and happened to be in Vegas (what happens in Vegas. . .) and had a few hundred spare bucks. I’m not talking about being on the show – maybe 30 years ago – but I don’t think I want to be on national TV without my Spanx. I’m talking about actually paying a man to pleasure me.

Would I go for the blond who thinks he’s all that? The bald Black guy (I do like bald)? The dreamy, New Age-y long haired guy (who apparently provides excellent satisfaction, based on the women’s reactions) or the dark haired, tattooed bad boy? Sigh.

It is fun to fantasize a little: having a man whose only purpose is to make sure you are completely satisfied, over and over and over.

They might even take out the garbage.

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  1. Pat Reed-Wright says:

    Hell, I married one!! How’s that for stupidity.

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