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It Shouldn’t be Hard

Ever wonder why men run the world? After all, when we were in high school and even college, males were the last people you would rely on to be responsible for anything. Even now, all you have to do is look at the “wonders” that engineers (mostly male) have come up with, like highway jug handles  that create 10 minute bottlenecks on your way to work because they never considered the way traffic actually happens (if you don’t know what a jug handle is, you’re not from NJ). But, here they are, in charge of just about everything, from government to business, and we sit here and wonder “How the hell did that happen?”

One obvious reason is the fact that they control most of the money. And because money (and power) were a direct result of strength,  it all flowed downhill from that. Even though strength matters little (unless you’re carrying 50 pound bags of cement up a ladder), we’ve basically given up the fight, to a large degree. Oh, yes, we “feminazis” still fight for equal pay and health care parity, but gosh darn it, why aren’t we using the one thing that only we have, the one tool they can’t take away? Yes; I’m talking to all you women: 20 somethings, women over 40, all the baby boomer women. We all need to hold out to get what we want. And you know what I mean.

Calm down. I can hear some of you screaming about playing into their game, how vile it is to use our sexuality that way. I’m not talking “sexuality”, however. I’m talking sex. Pure, unadulterated sex. If that shocks you or if you think I’m crazy, think again. It’s been done. And it works. It’s not that I think men are controlled by their sexual urges, but face it, ladies. They have a completely different attitude toward sex than we do. Oh, I’m not saying we don’t enjoy it. I’m simply saying it’s rarely the driving factor behind what we do. When we go to see male strippers, some of us may get sexually aroused, but our reaction is usually laughter. We go with a bunch a friends for a lark. Now picture a bunch of guys at a strip club and compare. Enough said.

Just last year, a group of women in the Philippines were sick of the violence and the fighting going on between their rural villages and decided to withhold sex from their husbands until they promised to stop fighting. Guess what? They did.

The women of Barbacoas, Colombia launched a sex strike  to get an inadequate — and dangerous — road to the main province paved. For over a month now, the women have refused to have sex. It’s a true “crossed leg movement.”

This isn’t a new concept. It goes all the way back to ancient Greece with Aristophanes’ comic play “Lysistrata” . If you’re not familiar with it, look up the Peloponnesian War. Go, sisters!

Even this year, when Planned Parenthood was under attack, there was a video made called “For Those With Vaginas,” where women were encouraged to convince other women to withhold sex from men who do not support funding for Planned Parenthood.

Think about it: all we need to do to get what we want in the world is cross our legs (won’t Rush Limbauagh be happy?). Want coverage for women’s health issues? Child care for working women? Stop child pornography? End sexual slavery in the US? Just say no, sisters! And, why stop there. . . how about ending sports on TV screens in every restaurant ? Or putting an end to driving without using signals? I’m getting giddy just thinking of the possibilities.

If men really thought they would be denied sex until they changed their behavior, can you just imagine how much power we would wield? Almost makes you want to start following Rush’s advice. . . .

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  1. Good suggestion, Lucille however getting all the women in America to agree to do the same thing would be like herding cats.

    Maybe we just pay the wives and mistresses of the men in power at Insurance Companies and their Boards of Directors to withhold sex from these guys until they change the insurance coveage! Oh yes, then there are all the share holders in these companies who make money by depriving women of equitable care. Ah yes, then the lobbyists and our beloved legislators who agree to take away contraceptive coverage. No sex for them either. Who will monitor this program?

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