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Is There E-Bay on Mars?

My friend, Donna, forwarded me this story about her husband, Pat, that I think most of you will respond to either by nodding in knowing agreement or gasping in incredulity:

As many of you know this weekend was Patrick’s radio stations “Ultimate Yard Sale” which took place at Scarborough Downs [in Maine].  There were […] over 4700 people looking for a bargain.  I, too, had a table full of trinkets and trash.  Lucky for me, I sleep with the boss so I was able to get a prime location![…]

We have had 2 decanters which were in the Patrick’s family for years.  Both from some Bing Crosby classic back in the 60’s .  On eBay they start at $65 each.  I was willing to let them go for $50 maybe as less as $30 but no lower.   They were the only 2 things on the table not marked.  My table was one row across from the bathroom.  Patrick came over for 2 minutes to watch the table so I could use the bathroom.  When I came back he proudly announced  he sold 2 things!   The decanters!  OMG You sold them?  I’m thinking $$$$ as the words flew out of my mouth.  Yes he replied  – for $1 each.  ONE DOLLAR each!  That’s TWO DOLLARS total for something that should have brought in a minimum of $60 which in itself would have been a bargain!

That was the most expensive pee pee I ever took!   Patrick  just walked away, to  later return, thinking if he gave me $30  he’d make it up to me.  I let him know the decanters where not from my family but from his so its is not a personal thing for me.  I went to hand the money back to him.  He replied, saying the money was not to make up for the loss but more so to buy him out of the embarrassment sure to come…….like this email… me telling the story to all the women around my table… me telling my Mom… me blogging about it on Facebook for the world to see! [And like her sending it to Lucille to post on her blog!]

We all know $30 isn’t enough for this girl to keep her mouth closed.

Decanter worth on eBaby:  $65

Decanter worth at Yard Sale:  $30

Decanter story of husband screw up:  PRICELESS!!!!!!

Thanks, Donna, and thanks, Pat, for illustrating one more time how men are from Mars.

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  1. Robin says:

    I have a bunch of them….Here is one

    We were on our way to Aruba…Brandon 4, Skyler 1…VERY BRAVE OF US I MIGHT ADD….In Newark airport, Scott is carrying 7 pieces of luggage, plus a double stroller. Ihave the two little ones..He yells “where is the camcorder?” Crap we must of left it curbside when taxi driver dropped us off”…He goes running down the escalator, I look and see the friggin camcorder around his neck banging him on the BACk..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! He was so tired and frenzied he did not even feel the thing hitting him square between the shoulder blades…..Too funny…

  2. Judy says:

    I think most of us have stories.. Men think one way and we (women) think another way – it’s that simple. Men and women are different, totally different! And, nothing will change that. I think we try very hard to change that, but it will never happen. As I get on in years..I realize that things never really change that much…

  3. Barry Jay says:

    Pat did the right thing….out with the old, in with the new. If you put assign a value to your hourly worth, just unpacking the decanters already puts you at a loss. Who wants to pack it back up and take it home…AGAIN. My wife lets me run the flea market operations at our house. It’s a very simple process…I put it all out at the curb and one patron takes it…WASTE MANAGEMENT.

  4. Tony says:

    Fleamarkets and garagesales have a certain dynamic that is irresistable! You may have a brand new item, never used – right! Never used!! and that’s why you’re selling it…because you never really needed it, hence never used. Alas! you don’t want to let it go cheap, after all, it’s brand new (despite the thick layer of dust) and it’s never used! oh and did I say rare? yes rare! well, anything that’s 30 years old, never used, brand new, WOULD be rare! But, who wants it? YOU certainly could part with it, but no one wants it. pointless! I’m amazed at my neighbor of 15 years… they have 3 garage sales per Summer; they’ve been putting out the same useless, inane junk and trinkets for 15 years! But hey! It’s ALMOST rare!

  5. Jody says:

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – we are such a wasteful society! I do more shopping at yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores than I do at retail stores – I am creating centerpieces for my wedding that will double as “favors” for pennies on the dollar by shopping 2nd hand. Landfills are filling too rapidly! Stop throwing out what someone else can use – find a thrift store in your area and donate your unwanted, unbroken, good things and let them do some good (ie a hospital thrift store or ones run for women’s shelters – they are all over the place, just LOOK!). After all, antiques are nothing more than old, used furniture!

  6. Sherryll says:

    Have to agree with Jody… Ever check out

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