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He vs. She: Vacation Planning, Pt. 1

Is vacation planning strictly a female skill? I’m beginning to think it is. Why else would Gary pack about 10 shirts – along with 3 – 4 tee shirts – for a 7 day trip? Especially when I know he’ll wear the same shirt at least twice? And, yet, he makes fun of my pre-planning: making a list of what I should bring, pulling stuff from the closet for days – or weeks – in advance. But who didn’t forget her toothbrush?

So, here we are in Paris and it’s a little chillier than expected, especially at night. Luckily, I planned for layers, so my pea jacket works fine with a scarf and long sleeve top. Gary? Every night he bemoans the fact that he doesn’t have a scarf himself – and every day he refuses to get one, saying he won’t be a slave to fashion. I tell him it’s not fashion – it’s reality.

Yes, men make fun of our lists and our planning. But who has yoga pants to hang around our somewhat chilly apartment and who refuses to go shopping for a pair of sweat pants, yet curses when he gets out of the shower and has nothing to put on to lounge around in?

Okay, so I brought about 12 pairs of socks/stockings/tights but I left my low heeled, mid calf leather boots home. I didn’t pack them against my better judgement, thinking I had enough footwear. Remember, ladies: you NEVER have too much footwear. When will I learn? I guess that means I just have to buy a pair when I’m here. At least I have my cool, funky rain boots just in case.


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  1. Pat Wright says:

    After her first trip to Europe (Denmark actually) my aunt (who traveled a lot) never left home without her own toilet paper because she said TP (when she could find it) was like sand paper.

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