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He Loves Me; He Really Loves Me

Today we celebrated a milestone in our marriage. Gary did something today that I never anticipated in my wildest dreams. Something most women only dream of.

Today he went to the store and picked up up toilet paper, unprompted.

No, I didn’t give him a list; I didn’t even suggest he do it. But he did, simply because I metioned it on the phone this morning. I am still reeling. So there, Camille, he can change!

Of course, it was carelessly thrown in the bathroom, next to the discarded toilet paper roll (Yes! Yes! He changed that as well!). Nonetheless, I’m basking in this unexpected pearl that I can hold onto, in my heart, forever. Maybe it means he loves me even more than he says. Maybe it means he’ll start closing cabinets. I shouldn’t get so carried away; I’ll only be disapointed.

But, he did it and now I’ll have to do something special for him. Bring out the garbage? Walk the dogs?

No; I think I’ll just revel in this feeling and hope he doesn’t read this blog.

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  1. Camille says:

    He probably had to take a crap and realized there were no papaer products in the house!

  2. Judy says:

    It took me years to realize that it is the small, however “small”, things that people do that really makes a difference! Toilet paper might not seem like a big deal to some, but try living without it!! Congrats you two.

  3. Barry Jay says:

    Wow..finally loaded Firefox and am able to see Beyondbabedom in all its graphic glory. Anyway, Gary really went out on a limb on this one. We’re not told if he was instructed to pick up a specific brand, so I presume he had to make a judgment while at the supermarket. We guys are not involved with the details. When we sit on the toilet, we muse on the big picture. If there was burlap or 80 grit sandpaper on the roll, we wouldn’t notice it…so going to the supermarket…to buy the correct toilet paper is a extremly difficult task. Good for you Gary. You make all men proud.

  4. Lynn says:

    Regarding Barry’s message above – ignore him! While he may be impressed with Gary’s spontaneous trip to the store, I will be equally impressed the day Barry takes a roll of toilet paper from under the sink and actually places it on the roll holder instead if sitting it on the sink so the downside acts like a sponge and soaks up what was supposed to go down the drain.

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