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Guns and Roses

Back in the ’60s, women really had to fight for their rights. It’s still a struggle, although it’s certainly getting better. But hold on to your hats, ladies. It’s not all roses; there are some things still gunning at us. Here is the good and bad news for us women over 40.

GUN: You know about the stereotypes we’ve had to deal with all our lives: women aren’t smart, women can’t lead, women don’t understand sports. It’s pretty clear to most intelligent people that there is no basis for these. But here’s the bad news: even when we don’t believe a stereotype about ouyrselves, it still affects us. It’s called “stereotype threat” and it’s what happens when we’re in a situation where one of those stereotypes applies and we know that we may be judged by it.

Isn’t that wonderful? We think the guys we’re talking to think we’re stupid, so a piece of our mind is spent monitoring the conversation and monitoring what we’re saying, and wondering whether or not we’re saying sounds stupid and whether or not we’re confirming the stereotype. So we end up sounding stupid. Ugh.

ROSE: But here’s the good news. You’ve read about all the other studies that “prove” women talk more than men, right? I just read one article that said “In fact, women talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day – 13,000 more than the average man.”

Except it’s not true.

The same study that investigated “stereotype threat” uncovered some very interesting facts.

Fact #1: Women use an average of 17,000 words a day

Fact #2: Men use an average of 17,000 words a day

Yes, my fellow BBs. Men talk as much as women. Psychologist Matthias Mehl of the University of Arizona says “the three top talkers in the study — uttering up to 47,000 words a day — were all men.” So was the least talkative subject, but I choose to highlight that first fact, just because it really tickles me.

GUN & ROSE: Scientists have developed the ability to do ovarian transplants. Wonderful news, right? Well, on one level. However, since these transplants are expected to be used to extend childbearing years that means they will also extend . . . childbearing years. That second edge of this somewhat rusty sword is pretty hurtful if you really, really don’t want any more kids. At least before, you had an excuse. “Oh, I’d love to have another baby, honey. But I’m just too old!”


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  1. Judy Herring says:

    I think women are better at selecting the words we use in conversation, especially in a working environment. I also believe women are more careful in conversations and we tend to listen better than men. Prehaps that is the “monitoring mode” you talk about Lucille. We gals need to stop being concerned with what guys think!!! And, as far as the ovarian
    transplant issue – great for women who are of having trouble conceiving, there is a time and place for everything. But, I hope women realize the older we are when pregnant increases the risk of an unhealthy baby and puts a greater strain on our bodies, too.

  2. Chris Munson says:

    Someday, somebody is going to come up with a study of the true level of communication that includes the grunts, grimaces, lip biting, eye rolling as well as the body positions and shifts thereof that account for the 90% of “communication” that often contradict the lying words emanating from our male and female gobs. At that point, we may truly understand what we mean as well as answer the eternal question, “What does a woman want?”

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