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Getting Wiener-ed

Really, Anthony, really? Do you really think women get turned on by getting photos of men’s body parts? Come on; as much as men talk about them, they care more about their genitalia than any woman I know – especially we women over 40. We’ve seen ’em – and we don’t care.

Now, granted, the women he was sending these pix to were probably well below the Beyond Babedom threshold, but I still think that if he was trying to impress, he would have been better off sending pictures of his wallet – or sending the pix in question to his male competitors, who all seem to be obsessed with the size of their own equipment.

But this obvious Weiner-ing isn’t the beginning – or the end – of men thrusting their private parts at us as though we’ll swoon over a hairy set of testicles. Ugh. I don’t know if you all agree with me, but I’ve got to say, there is very little aesthetically pleasing about the male apparatus. True, our private parts are pretty silly looking too, but at least our bodies have the sense to enfold them, only to be exposed on demand. Men, on the other hand, seem to think we’re as interested in their pubic area as they are in our mammary glands.

We’re not.

Not only do (some) men like to flash (okay: hands up for all of you who have been the victim of this ridiculous mating ritual), some male go-go dancers (I’ve been told. . . ) think it’s sexy to swing their crotch area in our general facial area. Shudder.

And, of course, there are the shirtless wonders who prance down the street, running or just hanging out. I don’t care if you’re buff or a beer belly, keep it home.

What about the guys who actually put a rolled up pair of socks in their pants? No, really. Some guys have been known to do this (no names, to protect the embarrassed). If I want to see male skin, I’ll get out my Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

You see, men have the mistaken perception that their bodies are as attractive as ours are. There is a reason men give their penises silly names; they know as well as we do that they resemble strange fungal growths or invaders from outer space. We may  like seeing a great male physique, but we’ll do it on our terms.

No, men, we  don’t want to see what’s in your shorts. All we want is to know you know how to use it.

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  1. Barry Jay says:

    Ok, I get it…I’ll stop sending pictures…

  2. Barry Jay says:

    Actually, I would have loved to see the look on his face when he realized that picture went to “all”. Truly and “oh shit” moment…

  3. kevin lehman says:

    What was he thinking? Obviously,he wasn’t…

  4. Bud from Bayonne says:

    Hello Lulu,

    That’s exactly what the problem is……that you’re not interested!!! So we think that you want us to show you it every once in a while so that you remember what it looks like. Then you’ll remember what purpose it has. That’s when you’ll also forget to complain about what it looks like and thennnnnnnnnnn you’ll change your tune!!!!
    So why does it have to be on your terms? Isn’t a real relationship suppose to be give and take? You know, I give and you take!!! It has always worked that way for me. Besides them hating me for what they were willing to do at the moment(and you have nooooo idea what that is!), I haven’t had any complaints about anything else…..if you’re picking up what I’m laying down. You know wham, bam, thank you Mam (I really don’t mean that?)I love women!!! It’s just unfortunate that they enjoy busting those nuts that they hate so much!!!
    With regard to whose body looks better….well that all depends what that body looks like. That aplies to both sexes. If you’re not pleased with it get your partner to change it, or change your partner.
    You get out of it what you put into it, and that’s what it’s all about. Enjoying the greatest thing that mankind can experience, “making love” with someone of the opposite sex (at least where I’m concerned it’s the opposite). That’s what the problem is. Everybody is so concerned with everyday life that they don’t take the time to get laid.
    First there isn’t anything that refreshes, rejuvinates, and relaxes better than the “almighty orgasmn”! I can’t imagine what it would be like to go a day, or an hour without having one. I know it would also be sooooooooo much better if I could actually share it with someone. I can’t even enhance it by changing hands. I just can’t be fooled!!!
    So if any of you ladies reading this are feeling sorry for me please contact me at the following e-mail address:
    Be assured and confident that any and all contributions are graciously accepted and appreciated. “I aim to please…
    will you”?

    P.S.- No refunds, only store credit


    “Bud from Bayonne”

  5. Lori Draz says:

    Well, it doesn’t happen often,but Lucille I agree with you!

  6. Terri says:

    That’s right Lucille! The expression “It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion!” had to come from somewhere! LOL

  7. Inathe says:

    A friend of mine said, “he is just a modern-day flasher”. I saw the infamous pix in the newspaper and didn’t see much but a downward shot of his underwear.

  8. Shortini says:

    Here’s another case of an ego-filled male politician getting caught being a jerk. Mental illness comes in many forms. I’m sure that the next round of college text will include dumb shit politicians as a case study for abstinence. LOL!!

  9. Bob In Pacifica says:

    Yeah. I think men in positions of power have fought to get there to compensate for something missing in their lives.

  10. Kathy Hill says:

    Well Luce,
    A FEW women wanted to see it. These women all started the flirtationS and let him know that it was ok to take those liberties. I don’t think our politicians should be flinging around their “gifts”…but we have to be fair. The women have to take some responability too. They were hardly victims. Just sayin’

  11. Chris Munson says:

    $14,5 Trillion in debt, 9.1% unemployment, a dysfunctional political party system obsessed to poking each others opponent in the eye with rhetorical mistruths than solving problems, and for the last two weeks the media has treated us to breathless daily undates on a narcissistic Congressman’s admittedly creepy self-obsession with his body. Let’s not get serious about the creeping economic crises robbing us of any future, it’s more diverting to focus on “Weinergate”. Admittedly this story has everything from the last name of the Perp to his pregnant, newlywed wife, to the Clintons. Any couple who has Bill Clinton “Officiate” their wedding, (and I’m still trying to figure out how an Ex-President gets the authority to perform marriages in New York State), is looking for trouble. Some delusional websites suggest Hillary and the recently wed Mrs. Weiner are more than just friends. Poor Anthony…acting the beard for distaff mate…forced to seek twitter gratification…if only it were true, we could get a good six more months of diversion from the disasterous economic realities of our wobbly Republic. My generation, to its shame, brought you Bill Clinton and George Bush. So far, I gotta say, yours is giving us a run for our money.

  12. Walter Allen says:

    enough with weiner, aleady!i wish these news directors would let it go and stop being a bunch of peeping toms! like they are above this sort of thing.

  13. Walter Allen says:

    the only people getting a rise out of this are reporters who won’t let this story die.

  14. Chris Munson says:

    Regretably, perhaps for his political career, Mr. Weiner lacks a “pudenda”. I hate to be pendantic, (not really…I rather like being pedantic), but the term “pudenda” usually refers to a woman’s genitalia, in particular the vulva. Had Mr. Weiner possessed such an attribute with the attendant moderating levels of estrogen, he likely would not have been tempted to such displays as caused him such agita.

  15. His failure to, ahem, grasp the message that he is done must be driving the Democratic leadership bonkers. His narcissism and unwillingness to get off the stage gives the GOP a daily pinata to whack. Inevitably he will be convinced to resign, the timing just another of his many missteps. The only positive thing to come out of this is that for the rest of his public life, whenever he is recognized it will be: “Hey isn’t that the Weiner guy that…” Karma, baby.

  16. chris munson says:

    Yes, but the common usage is as related to females. A Google search of “female pudenda” yields 128,000 results, as opposed to a mere 38,000 results for “male pudenda”. While not conclusively a proof of my position, I would note that while males and females share a common “pudendal nerve” the greater use of the word in medical contexts is relating to descriptions of female structures and disorders. Your etymology is also correct as far as it goes, however, the origin of the word should be recognized as a Middle English, late 14th century, construction of the neuter Latin word you correctly cite. One must, therefore consider some medival monk, sweating over his vellum, and perhaps toying with himself under his robes, trying to come up with a learned sounding word for the genitalia, and hitting on pudendum as a perfect Catholic attachment to shame and guilt. The real giveaway to the female bent of the word derives, in my humble opinion, from the fact it is used in the plural, and as we all know, the female genitalia are a much more complex set of structures than the poor, simple male architecture.

  17. Pat says:

    Men think with the wrong head most of the time.

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