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Get Away, Sluts

I am tired of sluts. No, not the Tiger-Woods-John-Edwards type of slut. I mean emotional sluts. The kind of people who share their most intimate secrets at the drop of a hat.

Why rail against them, you might ask? They harm no one. They’re entertaining. And they make us feel better about our own lives, right? Wrong. What they do is turn you into a slut, too. Didn’t your mother warn you against hanging around with “fast” girls? Not only would you get a reputation (which, come to think of it, would probably get you a lot of dates);  you’d also become loose yourself (and subject to catch something really vile). And she was right. Hanging out with emotional sluts will turn you into one, too,  before you know it.

Here’s how they do it: they suck you in with some incredibly horrible, very personal thing that’s happened to them, like a disgusting fungal infection on their foot that precludes them from wearing sandals. Now, this is something quite personal and they’ve probably told you because they feel, very, very close to you,  even though they hardly know you, right? So, you reciprocate (partly so they don’t feel so bad about their gross feet; partly to make this a communal share). And then they’ve got you. Now that they know you have a third nipple, how long do you think it will be before they’ve posted it on FaceBook? Not long, I can assure you. (I am not speaking from personal experience on this particular story. . . really.)

These sluts get way too intimate way too soon and make you think that you are the only one they’ve told their secrets to. But you aren’t. Because they are sluts. Get out before it is too late.

Or you may catch foot-in-mouth disease.

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  1. David Alexander says:

    Well,you’ve certainly expanded my definition of sluts. Sometimes we men find ourselves in contact with male emotional sluts. The male slut is usually the guy who tell you how terrible the woman in his life is, and once you show the slightest attention, he’s got you! Usually, alcohol is involved which makes memories fuzzy the morning after.

  2. Van Dusen says:

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. You see them in person, at the workplace , the malls etc, but you see a lot on Facebook. In fact, I see a whole lot on Facebook, and it is not attractive at all. I don’t care how pretty they are. The most popular one is when you look at their relationship status, and it says: “It’s complicated”. HAHAHAHAH!!! Now that’s funny.

    How complicated is it??? Really!! It is either good or bad. You stay or you leave the relationship. Are you kidding me???

    “Emotional Sluts”…that is a very good description Lucille. And this only scratches the surface. There are many other examples, which I’m sure that we will read. (LOL)

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