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Future Perfect

As I write this post, I know I’m going to get blowback. But here I go anyway.

Scientists have just recently reported that, through stem cell research, they have determined it is possible to not only create¬† eggs from a woman’s own stem cells (meaning you’ll literally never run out of eggs and can reproduce forever – ugh). But that they’ve also discovered how they can also be used to develop. . . sperm. Do you know what that means?

It means there aren’t just going to be more baby showers to go to. It means that pretty soon “mommy” can also be “daddy”.

Oh, yes. Unlike “The Handmaid’s Tale” where the last few fertile women are forced to carry babies for the barren ones, the future holds something very, very different for men and women. Well, actually, since women are going to be able to bear children without any male assistance (and men don’t have the capacity to do the same), things are gonna change around here.

So, if you don’t need someone to take out the garbage or do the heavy lifting. . . and you can now be the mommy and¬† the daddy. . . do I have to spell it out?

Don’t feel so bad, my male counterparts. Obsolescence comes to lots of people. No longer is there a need for jesters or ice cutters. Bestiariis have really fallen out of style, as have lamp lighters, cup-bearers and court dwarfs. All right; there may be some court dwarfs on Game of Thrones, but they’re really just acting. I haven’t seen a seneschal in decades and I doubt I ever will. And, now, men are about to join the unhappy group. Poor men.

Yes, there are other things they can do, but nowadays, we can – and often do – do them for ourselves. Without going into great detail, let’s just say the internet has revealed and offered many, many options to us women. You know, of course, that the older we get, the less men seem so necessary. Nice to have, yes, but not absolutely necessary. And now those horrible, horrible scientists have found a way to eliminate any woman really needing one.

Time to reinvent yourselves!

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  1. Barry Jay says:

    Not a bad deal…hopefully you can also pick the gender so you can have a daughter, enabling the two of you to do the heavy lifting. We’ll be too busy running the world..

  2. Barry Jay says:

    OK, so we made a few mistakes…

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