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Dust to Dust

I don’t know how they measured it, but scientists have discovered that the world’s dust has literally doubled in the last century. Judging from my house, I’d have to agree. I am not the world’s best house cleaner. In fact, I stink at keeping my house neat and clean, mostly because I hate doing it. Oh, sure, I can make it presentable (at least I think it’s presentable) when I’m expecting company, but there always seems to be something more important or interesting to do than to sweep. Believe it or not.

But with the results of this study, I’m energized. No; not to clean – please, I’ve got better things to do. I’m energized because they describe the top 3 sources of household dust, which gives me (and my readers) some real direction on how to effectively reduce the amount of dust in your house. (Just a little side note: last year, Gary’s cousin pointed out that because our house is on a busy corner, we obviously get a lot more dust because of the constant traffic. Thanks for the excuse, Joanie!)

But I digress. Believe it or not, cooking seems to be one of the main sources of household dust. That sucks, because I love to cook. And, since I cook almost daily, no one can really fault me for having a dusty home, right?

Movement is another leading cause. Yes; just moving around will make your house dustier. Does that mean that I should table my plans to engage in an exercise routine, for the noble cause of cleanliness? That seems to be the sane thing to do.

Finally, the third most significant cause of household dust is. . . cleaning! Oh, yeah! Now I have the perfect excuse not to clean. It will make my house dustier.

Won’t my Mom be proud of me?

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  1. Irene Maran says:

    I liked your blog very much. I did an essay on dust also. I, unlike you, like to clean. With three cats there are always dust balls and fur balls around. You can find me with a pink long dust wand in my hand, looking like a fairy but not granting wishes.
    You are humorous, funny and I know you have a clean house or a cleaning woman.

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