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Don’t Text Me!

What is it with people and texting? Yes, I do it sometimes (like when I’m voting for my favorite American Idol), but unless you’re communicating with your kid, my advice is to think twice – and then, don’t do it.

Yes, texting is easy. It’s convenient. It’s free. Oh; that’s right: it’s not free. Which is reason one to cut it out. A lot of people do not want to pay to get your inane messages. I had to go and change my cell phone plan to a more expensive one simply because the texting charges were adding up. Thanks, folks!

And, it’s impersonal. It’s one thing when your son texts to let you know he’s going to a friend’s house; it’s quite another when that guy you made a gourmet dinner for texts his thank you. Tacky.

Not all of us are umbilically tied to our cell phones (well, yes, I am, but that’s not the point). Some of us BBs don’t even know what that binging sound is. So, if you’re trying to get our attention, it’s not working.

If it’s information you want to share, email or call us. If you really, really need to let us know something right now, pick up the phone and call. And, if it’s a thank you, an “I’m sorry” or something equally as important. . . well, if I have to tell you, I probably don’t want to hear from you anyway.

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  1. Jastin says:

    I’m not quite sure how I came upon this site on my Blackberry, but it’s about the stupidest post I have ever read. Even if texting was a completely useless means of communication, I’m not buying it. Learn how to make legitimate points and not some personal ranting.

    Its easy, convenient, cheap and very useful. And what if I have to tell you something right away and yet am not in a position available to call or have access to send an email? Not to mention email is a way slower form of communication..

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a simple informal way of conversing. It’s convenient, the whole reason why everyone and their mom’s are starting to text. A quick and simple way to get something across.

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