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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Ladies, we are in luck. Now that we’re beyond babedom, we can be assured we will never be fired for being too beautiful. Never thought you’d be happy not to be gorgeous, huh? But it’s true: now you can get fired just because you’re too damn cute.

Though both men and women are promoted or penalized on the basis of their appearance, only women it seems¬† actually get fired – and legally¬† – when their boss thinks they are just too attractive. Poor Melissa Nelson. I’m sure she got the same messages we all got, that beauty sells and that being attractive – man or woman – gives you the upper hand. But it seems like there may just be a little bit of a double standard here. You see, Melissa’s boss felt he just couldn’t resist her sexual charms and the Iowa Supreme Court agreed that he should be able to fire her. . .to protect his marriage.

I’m not making this up. Melissa did nothing wrong – except be beautiful. But her boss felt he just couldn’t resist her (even though she apparently had no interest in him), so he fired her. And the Iowa Supreme Court said that was a-okay.

So, the message is, it is our fault if men just can’t control themselves. Making our court system sort of like the Taliban. Now, if Melissa had just worn a hijab, then maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t have treacherously almost destroyed that poor dentist’s marriage and life. Because, you see, men apparently are simply too weak to control their impulses, making it all our fault if they have wandering eyes or yell out cat calls or – poor men – have to rape us.

We should all have pity on these poor, poor men who can’t control their impulses. . . and yet, have control of all of our weapons of mass destruction.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Eric says:

    Lucille – I like your blog, but this is the biggest “non-story” I’ve ever seen.

    20/20 and the news keep making it out to be “she was fired for being toooooo beautiful”. Meh…

    She probably partially got the job for her looks. I’m sure it was less “him wanting to fire her” than his wife.

    My wife (who basically agrees with me anyway) thinks he’s a PIG for semi-sexting with her a little bit. I’ll bet that she was partially to blame and flirted along. I highly doubt that the first text he sent her was about the “bulge in his pants”..

    In the meantime, is this the only dentist office in the country that she can work at? I’m sure the dentist would have been happy to give her a nice recommendation. She went on Tosh.0 and prounced around like a Maxim model. I just don’t think she’s as “offended” as she makes herself out to be. She sued — not once, not twice, but three times to try and get some money out of this guy – who gave her 4 weeks of severance. I know people that have been let go for no reason, worked there longer, and got less severance. So.. wah…. If she’s a good dental hygenist, why is she working in a sports bar?

    In addition, let’s not forget that “beautiful people” make more money, get hired more, etc. than shlubs. Look at Pharma Sales — it’s almost all attractive female sales people? Why? Because they use their attractiveness and sexuality to win business.. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but this whole story is such a complete joke that it’s sad that it’s getting even the slightest bit of coverage….

  2. Chris Munson says:

    And I thought the problem was with discrimination against “ugly” people.
    Seems I was wrong.

    So, soon you’ll be able to sue for being either too attractive, or too unattractive.

    It’s a “Win-Win”….for the lawyers that is.

  3. Judy Herring says:

    I remember reading this story in the paper…..the dentist fired her because he found her too tempting and his wife was worried her husband would give into his temptations…..what does the dentist do when an attractive patient comes into his office for dental work? What does he do when the sales rep for his dental supplies walks in to his office for a sales call and SHE happens to be attractive, and most of us know most sales people are attractive (both men and women.) Can you imagine if all the wives who have had husbands who cheated on them with someone from the office told their cheaters to have their “girls” fired…what would happen?? The unemployment lines would be miles long AND the courts would be overrun! This story gets coverage because it shows how the court system can twist laws around their finger to suit them. What ever happened to following the US Constitution?????

  4. Patrice says:

    Seriously, Eric???? Really??? Who cares if she can find other work. This is ludicrous. I agree with Judy–what happens when a hot chick comes in for dental work? Guess she better think twice when he says “drill”

  5. Judy Herring says:

    I just love the LoSapio sense of humor! Reminds me of some other puns – “want to get an implant?” or how about “I think we should extract”…”Maybe we should pack your gums”…I wonder how this guy’s patients feel about having him as their dentist. Or, what about the other employees at his office – since they didn’t get fired, does that mean he thinks they’re ugly?

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