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Doggone Jerks

Do you love your dog? Now imagine hating him. Yeah, I know. I can’t either. But there are people who do. People who don’t like dogs to the point of abusing them. Now, not everyone who is not a dog lover is bad. Some people prefer cats. I happen to like both. But what is it about the people who simply don’t like animals?

What the hell is wrong with them?

I can’t help but think that there is something seriously aberrant about these people. Hey, I’m not suggesting everyone has to have a pet or that you have to go gaga whenever you see one. I personally don’t get all saccharine and mushy when I see a baby, either. But it doesn’t mean I can’t stand them. And I certainly never kick them. It just means I’m glad they’re not mine. But, these animal hating people? These are the people whom I cannot trust.

Think about it: we’ll leave cats for another time, but you know that dogs are the least duplicitous creatures in the world. Unless of course you have a box full of gingerbread house pieces, within reach. Long ugly story. And, yet, dogs love unconditionally. Even when they’re kicked and abused, they still have hope that the next hand will be one that pets them.

What kind of person doesn’t like animals? I think they’re people who can’t be trusted. They know dogs can sniff out danger (and salmon jerky) and they’re afraid of being unmasked. I for one would trust my dog more than almost anyone I know. Mojo won’t even eat my dinner if I leave it on the cocktail table. He especially won’t eat Gary’s, since a vegan meal isn’t all that tempting to a dog. But that’s really not my point. My point is that anyone who cannot have a relationship with a dog or a cat probably can’t have a very good relationship with a human either.

So, beware the man who sneers at your dog and the woman who claims to be allergic. Personally, I usually rub cat fur all over myself when I’m interfacing with these people, just to see if they’re lying. If they don’t react, I’ve proven once again how insightful I am. If they aren’t lying and they break out in a sneezing frenzy. . . ooops.

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  1. Barry Jay says:

    I love your Bulgarian Onion House even though he likes trying to take chunks out of my leg……

  2. Judy Herring says:

    My Grandfather used to say” Beware of the person who doesn’t like a dog”. He not only had dogs, he also had birds, chickens, and cats. He would bring home any stray he would find and he was a New York City cop so he saw lots of strays. That love of animals passed onto my mother and me. And I am so glad. I stopped to think of the people I know in my life who love animals and I like them all..and I stopped to think of the people who do not like animals and I can easily live without them in my life. Yes, it’s a personal taste whether or not to care for animals. However, the people who abuse an animal are very dangerous, insecure and down right mean! Stay away from them at all costs!! It doesn’t matter what you look like, whether you’re fat or skinny, it doens’t matter the color of your skin – a dog will love unconditionally – too bad more humans aren’t more like dogs!!!

  3. Chris Munson says:

    Clearly, you have never had an encounter with a pack of dogs intent on turning your flanks into hamburger, or trying to negotiate your way past “Bruno The Bonecrusher” who has been trained to relish the opportunity to crunch his way through your Femur. We currently have a neighbor who moved in with her wastrel son and Pitbull, (the ownership of which she “forgot” to tell the landlord about). She warned us the animal was unfriendly. My 7 year old grandson visits on occasion, and I am reluctant to let him play in the backyard because of the neighbor’s “pet”. Dog ownership often reflects the owner’s temperment, and most owners are companionable, but there is a minority who are downright unlikeable and aggressive. So are their dogs.

  4. Judy Herring says:

    My dogs and I have been the victim of attacks by untrained and nasty dogs. I do agree with Chris often dog ownership reflects the owner’s temperment. There are a lot of dog owners who are not responsible with their pets. Sorry to hear your neighbor is one of them. Know you have the right to call animal control and the police if you need to.

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